Style Hacks for Wearing Maxi Skirts as a Petite

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Like anyone who is 5’4″ and under / classified as petite, I used to end up steering away from anything maxi or prepare to wear heels with my maxi dress or skirt because I knew that it would end up dragging right underneath me. But over the year, I learned different tricks to make myself look taller as a petite and also take the fashion trends that I was so attracted to and make them fit my frame. Now, when it comes to maxi skirts, I am one that runs right to them because I’ve figured out a few tips and tricks to wearing a maxi skirt as a petite.




There are a couple of ways that I love to use to style a maxi skirt as a petite so that it makes you look taller while also accentuating your frame. Many may think that you need to get the skirt hemmed to make it work for you, but that’s not always the case, especially since there are so many ways to alter a hemline without having to take it to a seamstress.

1. Wear It Highwaisted with a Crop Top

This has always been one of my main go-to tricks when wearing a maxi skirt because it allows you to elongate your leg and torso. By pulling up the waistline of the skirt, pulls the hem away from the ground so that there’s no need to worry about dragging and creates a blurred illusion of where your torso ends and where your legs begin.

2. Roll, Tuck & Belt

If you have a skirt with a cinched waist, you can roll the waistline of your skirt inward to pull it from the ground. Then once rolled, tuck in your shirt and place a wide belt around the rolled waistline and the tucked-in shirt so that you can hide the rolled portion. I often do this with dresses too by bulling up the dress and securing it with a safety pin and then hiding the layered portion with a belt. (Pro Tip: If you need to create more holes in your belt to help pull your belt tighter, use a leather hole puncher.) 

An out-of-the-box way to style a maxi skirt is also to use suspenders. Yes, I said it, wear suspenders. They aren’t just for men. Wearing suspenders actually creates a very chic and sophisticated look, and you can get the typical suspenders that you often see or you can get a pair of suspenders that are more corseted.

Cottagecore Two Piece Dress
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