How to Style a Midi Satin Dress for the Fall

How To Wear Satin In The Fall Scaled

One type of dress that many think you can’t wear all year around is the satin dress, or as many of us refer to it as, the slip dress. It’s a trend that has been around for awhile and has morphed through the decades. Originally the slip was a dress you wore underneath clothes, but like the lingerie-inspired trend of the corset top, the slip dress emerged from being a hidden piece of clothing to one that is meant to be seen and is stylish at that.

Over the years we have also saw the slip dress as a satin dress or silk dress and styled in many provocative and edgy ways. But time has changed and as new individuals have molded this trend, it has become a piece of clothing, like many others, that can fit almost any personal style.

This versatile dress has been one that I have long adored and has transformed beyond just the slip dress to the satin dress that is focused on the material as the primary focus of the clothing and then styling it in many various ways. From first seeing as a streetwear fashion where many people thought that women were wearing their nightgowns on on the street to now seeing it as dresses that are worn to galas and formal occasions.

One style of the satin dress that I love is the midi satin dress, and though it’s super easy to style it in the Spring and Summer, I’m here to share with you that the dress is not confined to only those warm weather seasons. In this post, I am going to share with you tips on styling the midi satin dress in the Fall.

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How To Layer A Satin Dress


There are a variety of ways to style a midi satin dress as the colder weather hits. Many of the below style tips are also ways to style the midi satin dress in the Winter as well. Layering is always key, but some people always wonder what to layer and what looks good. These ways of styling are granted to make your satin dress more versatile than you originally imagined.

    Turtlenecks are always a great way to layer dresses in the colder months. If you’re someone who doesn’t always want to wear a scarf, the turtleneck gets rid of the need to have one and keeps your neck worn while also providing a base layer to put your satin dress over. There are a few options for turtleneck tops that also include bodysuits so that the top fits flush with your body to eliminate any lines or bulkiness that would be seen through the dress.
    If you find a duster or even a satin kimono robe, layer it on top of your midi satin dress and then belt the whole ensemble together. If you have a single tone dress, layer a print over it or vice versa. Style the entire look with some booties and create a contrast look that is guaranteed to stand out in the Fall and Winter months.
    The oversized top is a trend that is everywhere during the colder months, so it’s only fitting that it goes along with styling a midi satin dress. Find yourself an oversized top like a bulky sweater or oversized flannel top and layer it over your midi dress. If you want to add an extra element, add a belt at your midline and tuck in the oversize top in the front and add wide brim hat. It’ll create a chic look that will WOW.
    Get a little business chic and create a deep contrast by layering the satin dress over a button up top. Depending on whether you go oversized or bodycon with the top, you’ll create a contrasted look that will have a lingerie-inspired style that pairs with a the workwear look that doesn’t exactly look like it’s meant to be worn to work but somewhere where fashion is the center of it all.
    Now this isn’t saying to put multiple jackets on, but to find one of those jackets that are a little “extra”. The midi satin dress, though found in prints, can be more on the docile side. So when you find a jacket that is thick with faux fur, has a lot of belts, or is overall at statement jacket, pair it with the satin dress and create a deep contrasted look.
    Black makes a statement no matter where you go. So find yourself an all black midi satin dress or one with a little bit of colored print and create an look that is superbly chic. As you complete the look with shoes and accessories, keep all of those black with hints of gold.
    The key with wearing a midi satin dress in the Fall is all about layering, so take some of these above style trips and layer them all together. Go all black with your satin dress look and layer it all with a turtleneck top, duster jacket, and belt with an “extra” jacket and call the look complete. Putting multiple style techniques together in the combinations that you see fit will create so many looks that you’ll be able to wear the satin dress all year long.
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There are a variety of styles of satin dresses as satin is the material and not the style per-se. A slip dress is the the style that many people tend to mean when they talk about the satin dress trend. Even if you just do a general search on the satin dress, you’ll end up scrolling through a lot of slip dresses, but in a variety of styles. If you looking for a midi satin dress outside of the slip dress, you can find a lot of those too. From dresses with a cowl neck to the V-neck the formal black dress that you need to something with a little more print, here’s a selection of some of the trending styles of the midi satin dress.

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