A Military Jacket to Upgrade Your Look

Military Style Forever 21

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The military style jacket has always been a style that has caught my eye. But every time that I found a jacket that I liked, either I didn’t have anything to match it with or I thought to myself that it was way to big for me. It was soon that I realized that the military style jacket was meant to be big. It is a jacket that makes a statement and has the wearer making one too.

The best way to style a military style jacket is make sure to match the color palette with the color of the buttons. Yes, I said it…the buttons. Not the jacket itself. Most military style jackets will either be black or moss green, but mostly moss green. And those jackets will either have buttons in black, silver or gold. So the key with styling a complete outfit is the buttons.

Typically with these colored buttons, you’ll be focusing on these colors to match with the jacket: white, black, silver, green, tan, or cream. You can use a variety of other colors but it depends on the hue of the color, but you typically want to play up on more the muted tones in order to not drown out the jacket itself.

The military jacket can be worn for a variety of occasions. It can be worn for a night out, dressed up, or just for a casual look. It all depends on what you match it with.

Military Style Night Out Military Style Forever 21 Forever 21 Dress Girl Night Out Outfit Military Jacket


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