How to Style Two Pieces Into Dresses

Forever 21 Yellow Crop Scaled

Forever 21 Yellow Crop

This is the season for crop tops. In many stores, there are crop tops featured in a variety of different styles. And even when there isn’t a crop top by itself, there is a dress or another type of outfit that is showcasing a cropped look fastened to a skirt or pant set. It’s just the current trend right now, which I must admit, I am loving. The one thing that often causes me problems with the set, is that I am stuck with the top attached to the bottom without any option of switching it out. So, for awhile now, I have been buying crop tops and different types of bottoms that I can swap out to make it look like one piece instead of two. It’s pretty simple, and, most importantly, it expands your closet and saves you quite a few bucks.



The first key thing about styling two pieces as one is to make sure that you find a bottom that it flattering and high waisted. Whether it be pants, jeans, or a skirt, it is essential to find pieces that the bottoms are adjustable and come up high enough. In certain cases, simple high waisted jeans might not do the trick. Most high waisted jeans come up just at the belly button. And while you may be able to find some crop tops that reach down that far, most crop tops come up a little higher. Therefore, with high waisted jeans, you want to make sure that you are finding tops that go with the bottoms. But that doesn’t mean that jeans are totally ruled out. There are quite a few super high waisted jeans that you can find that reach up higher than typical high waisted jeans. I have found quite a few super high waisted jeans at American Eagle Outfitters that you can purchase in bundles.

In most cases, I’ll usually pair pants or a skirt with a crop top to make it look like one – especially the skirts. By pairing a skirt and a crop top into one, you can create the illusion that the piece is a dress. For example, this styled look is two pieces. Both items I snagged from Forever 21 during one of there sales – but even at full price they are great buys. The frill top, I tucked into the frill of the skirt to create the illusion that the two pieces are connected.

I also purchased a few other skirts and pants that I can pair with the yellow top – most of the bottoms are neutral because of the bright color of the top – and each one allows me to create a different look. Therefore, this one top allowed me to create about 4+ looks and it only cost me about $15.

So don’t be afraid to get a crop top, and don’t let anyone tell you that crop tops are not for you. I have a collection of crop tops in my closet that I use to style into different two piece looks that provides me with an extended closet without me having to spend my entire paycheck.

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