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The summer is basically here. That means that it is time to finalize your summer adventures and plan for months of excitement and new experiences. I’m taking squite a few trips this summer and I am super excited about them. I’ll be heading to a variety of locations both in the states and internationally. To say my summer is going to be jammed pack is an understatement. With all my plans, I am already starting to think of my outfits for each trip. Each location will have different activities, which means that I will need different looks.

In July, I’ll be heading to Charleston to speak at a conference. And Charleston is known for its southern comfort, the hospitality, and the bright, summer look of the towns in that area. So when I began planning out my outfits for this conference, I took a trip over to Macy’s to try to find what looks would be great for the networking events and, of course, for the day that I speak.

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Macy’s is one of my go-to stores when I am looking for a variety of different looks. When you go, you’re able to shop a variety of different brands within a variety of different styles. For my trip to Charleston, I found myself shopping one brand that gave me the feel of the southern comfort – 1.State.

When shopping 1.State, I fell in love with the summer looks that they carried. All of the pieces included this summer’s fashion trends. This asymmetrical wrap dress from Macy’s 1.State immediately called to me because not only is the color and material perfect for the summer, but the wrap dress is one of the trending fashion staples of this summer.

The dress is light in every way, and it gives me the comfort that I need. This dress is perfect for the day that I speak on the panel as it will allow me to feel comfortable while I’m speaking and will provide me the ability to breathe and not overheat as my nerves get to me.

There are so many trending pieces that you can find at Macy’s and there are definitely some gorgeous pieces that you’ll be able to shop for your summer wardrobe in with 1.State.

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