How to Style a Skirt in the Cold Weather

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Every year, when I switched out my closet from warm weather clothes to cold weather clothes, I would immediately pack up all my dresses and my skirts. In my mind, the cold weather seasons were strictly for jeans, pants, and leggings. And if anything else was worn, I would freeze and be super uncomfortable. Over the years, I learned otherwise and have actually gotten to a point where I keep my dresses and skirts in my closet year-round. And I have shared many tips on wearing dresses in the fall and winter, but what I haven’t shared is how you can style a skirt during the winter.



There are two main style hacks that I have used throughout the past few years. One tip, I will openly admit, I just learned last year. There are a variety of other ways that I have seen people keep warm and style a skirt in the winter, but I feel as these main two are the best ones to go with and will let you style a skirt without too much effort.

  • Tip #1Wear Over the Knee Boots – This is the easiest, simplest, and probably one of the most-done style that is used to wear a skirt during the winter. With so many over the knee boot styles available, it’s very easy to grab a few pairs in a variety of styles to match the colors of skirts that you have in your closet. I always say go with at least a pair of black over the knee boots and a pair of tan over the knee boots then expand as you need to.
  • Tip #2: Create the Bare Leg Illusion – With this style trick, you’ll be styling skirts all winter long because it literally is the most genius style hack that I have ever found. You’re going to need a pair of skin tone leggings and a pair of pantyhose. Put on your flesh tone leggings then layer over it with the pantyhose – add your skirt and style with a bootie or boot. With the skin tone leggings and the pantyhose, you’ll create an illusion that you’re able to go bare leg in the winter even though you’re not. The pantyhose covers up the leggings just enough to make it look as if it is actually your legs.

These two tips will have you styling your skirts throughout the winter season and extending your closet so that you don’t have to feel that you need to stock up on pants during the cold weather seasons. As a person who loves wearing dresses and skirts, these two style tips have allowed me to keep to my signature style and not have to be stuck in jeans and pants every single day.

livinglesh abercrombie winter skirt
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