Top Tips for Styling Neutral Colors Outfits

How To Style Neutral Colors Outfits

Over the past few years, neutral colors outfits have truly begun to have their time to shine in the fashion world. Everywhere that you go, you see neutral color palettes, from home decor to children’s clothes and beyond, and your personal style should be no exception.

Neutral colors offer a sleek, classic look that is both timeless and trendy – the combination that we all need.

However, some people struggle to know how to best style neutrals in a way that is classy and fun without feeling bland or boring. If that’s you, don’t worry – neutrals don’t have to be difficult. I have a few foolproof tips and tricks for styling neutral colors outfits that you will love and that will make you fall in love with neutrals just as much as I have.

Read on to learn how to style all of your favorite neutral pieces!

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Neutral colors are the toned down colors that tend to fall in the more natural category – think whites, grays, beiges, and even blacks. We have also seen colors like light pinks and purples and mossy greens make their way into the neutral colors that we see in clothing right now. Think toned down, muted colors. These colors all go together well, and can also be paired with non-neutral colors seamlessly to make the other colors pop.

WHY WEAR Neutral Colors?

Neutral colors are universally flattering, and make getting dressed a breeze. As nearly all neutral pieces look good together, you can throw an outfit together without having to think twice about it. Neutrals are easy on the eyes, and their seamless quality makes it look as though you worked far harder on your outfit than you actually did. Effortless chic – who doesn’t love that?

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How To Style Neutral Colors Outfits
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The simplicity of neutral colors gives you room to have a lot of fun with different patterns because the colors aren’t overwhelming. Neutrals are the perfect time to pull out that polka dot top you’ve been dying to wear, or to experiment with some geometric patterns. Patterns can add a bold touch to an otherwise basic look, and give fun flair to any outfit. In the fall and winter, you can play with fun plaids thrown over an all black or tan look, and in the spring and summer checked or gingham pieces can be the way to go for an added touch of playfulness and fun.


When wearing neutrals, you can almost create a capsule wardrobe of sorts because all of your pieces will look good together. You can pair whites and blacks, creams and beiges, light pinks with forest greens. Neutral pieces are so easy to mix and match, and will look simple yet stylish. With neutrals, you also have the option of going for a monochromatic look – think all black for an incredibly chic style, or all white for the perfect easy summer look.


Much like with patterns, neutrals give you room to experiment with lots of different textures as well. Neutrals come in all styles, so embrace the different options and experiment! Want to add some cozy fun to an outfit with a chunky neutral sweater? Bring it on. Add a classy touch with a silk slip dress or a scarf, or lean into the loungewear vibes and embrace neutral sweatsuits. Think fun, thick plaids or corduroys for winter, dainty eyelet for summer. The options are limitless! Have fun and play with what you like.


Denim is essentially neutral-adjacent: it’s close enough to a neutral that many consider it to be one. It pairs well with anything, and adds a grounding touch to any outfit. If you’re still getting used to wearing neutrals, pairing your neutrals with denim can be a great starting point. Denim is also a great variety point – throwing a denim jacket or even a denim baseball cap on adds a bit of interest to an outfit for a casual chic look.


Half the fun of neutrals is that they give you license to have endless amounts of excitement and boldness with your accessories. Now is the time to whip out that statement jewelry, oversized purse, or those bright shoes you never know when to wear. When your outfit is based in neutrals, you are able to add big, bold, fun statement pieces because they don’t feel as overwhelming when the rest of your outfit is toned down. Bold accessories also add visual interest, and can even become conversation pieces. 


Neutral outfits are the perfect time to play around with the shapes that your outfit is creating. If you’re trying to decide the kind of pieces that work best for your body, doing so with neutral pieces is a great way to work things out because you don’t have the overwhelm of bright colors to distract you. Play with different lengths of skirts, crop tops, or styles and cuts of jacket to see what looks best, and don’t be afraid to figure out which pieces create the shape you want. Accentuate your curves with black pieces, or select styles to give you more of an hourglass look. You don’t have to worry about color, so it’s time to focus on cut and experiment!

Styling Neutral Colors Outfits
Neutral Colors Outfits
Tips For Styling Neutral Colors Outfits
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