Styling Rompers During the Spring

Smocked Romper
Wide Strap Romper

Rompers are often one overlooked fashion staple that I believe people need to have at least one of in their closet. I used to believe that rompers were something that you only really wore in the summer, but over the years, I realized that they are also meant for the Spring, and even in the cool weather, there is a way to wear them and keep comfortable. There are so many different ways to get innovative and style your romper to make it a different look each and every time.


Spring Romper


When you first begin shopping for rompers, you want to make the decision to get both a romper that is shorts and one that is in the pants style – we often associate those rompers by calling them jumpers, but they are both in the same style family.

For the Spring, I typically end up styling both because of the Spring season going from cool and breezy to super hot. Having a variety in the leg length will allow you to create multiple looks and also change up your shoes. On top of getting them with various leg lengths, you also want to stock up on different prints. I typically end up with more monochromatic rompers instead of rompers with a lot of prints so that I can make my shoes or accessories the highlight of the look. But even by going with more prints, you then can style any layers and/or accessories with them but keep them neutral and complimentary.

In this look, I decided to go with a neutral smocked romper in the shorts style. Then to add some pop and coverage, I added a white, short-sleeved button-up top and blue printed heeled sandals. In this look, my sandals become the highlight of the look, but the romper and top still make a great casual Spring look. I’ve style rompers for the Summer season, and typically don’t end up layering those as it is a lot warmer.


Smocked Romper
Abercrombie Romper
Abercrombie Wide Strapped Romper
Abercrombie Smocked Romper
Romber With Blouse
Layering Rompers
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