Styling the Sheer Top Trend

See Through Top Trend

Green See Through Top

Sheer tops have always been a trend that pops up from time to time. In certain situations, you’ll see the sheer trend as more of a luxe look and sometimes you’ll see it more as a sultry look. Getting the look to embody your style is all about finding the right piece and making it your own. So as we move further into the cold-weather season, let’s talk about how to style the sheer top trend and make it something that will leave you looking your best and making you feel comfortable.



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Sheer tops are easy to style and there are so many different variations of the sheer top that you don’t have to feel overexposed.

When picking out the right sheer look for yourself, first determine your comfortability. Are you okay with the entire top being see-through or do you only want certain portions see-through such as the arms or neckline? Sheer tops are not completely see-through and if they are, some of them come with a layer underneath, such as a tank, that covers your core area. And on that note, that leads me to my next tip.

Layering underneath or even over sheer tops takes the trend to the next level. For example, the green sheer top in this post is one that I layered with an orange bralette styled top. You may find that a number of the tops you’ll find have layers underneath them already built-in or just included though it is a loose layer. Other times, you’ll just get a see-through top which allows you to create your own layer underneath or over top.

And the last tip, which is always a tip that I like to share for any style post, make sure that the top is a reflection of your own personal style. Wearing a trend is only effective when you can wear it with confidence. If you feel uncomfortable in the trend, you’ll look uncomfortable. So make sure that no matter what style of sheer top that you decide to go with, make the style your own.

Here’s a few top picks that are perfect for the cold-weather season.

How To Style A See Through Top
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