Styling Two-Piece Outfits That Are Great Together and Apart

Cropped Rouched Cami

Cropped Rouched Cami

Shopping for matching sets can be both fun and daunting. I often find myself really loving a top and wanting to pair it with something other than jeans, and then feeling defeated when an alternative bottom doesn’t match as precisely as I want it to, so I end up defaulting to jeans anyway. It’s because of this small style struggle that I have become someone that loves two-piece sets. I constantly tell people how it’s amazing when you can shop at a store or online boutique and they have matching sets already established so that you can either buy them separately or together. Whether it be a top and skirt or whether it be a loungewear set, styled sets are like a shopping hack that doesn’t require you to think too much about what goes with what.  



Abercrombie High Slit Midi Skirt


Two-piece sets take the guesswork out of putting an outfit together. Instead of shopping around to find the perfect bottom for the top that you just fell in love with, sets already have them paired. In most cases, you’ll find the sets to be in the exact same print, so the pieces together will either look like a jumper or a dress. In some cases, you’ll find sets that are not in the same print. In my experience, these tend to be suit outfits where you’ll get a blazer that may be one color with a bottom that may be a neutral tone that compliments the top. But to honest, those are very rare finds.

When buying sets, don’t always think that you’re stuck with just wearing this top and bottom together and with nothing else. The great thing about two-piece sets is that you can also mix and match them. The set in this look, I’ve actually made into various outfits. I’ve gone from wearing the bottom with a cropped white top and adding a blazer or a long-sleeved bodysuit that changes the look completely. Even more, I’ve worn the top with high-waisted pants or jeans and then paired it with a cardigan that I belted or a button-up jacket.

Another way to spice up your two-piece sets and take them further is by keeping them together and complimenting them with other pieces. A great way to do this when you have a top and bottom in the set is to get a long-line jacket or blazer and then belting it right in the middle. It’ll make the set look like it is one piece but also make the look a completely different look.

I’ve rounded up some sets from some of my favorite boutiques that are great as individual pieces, but even more amazing as one set.



Abercrombie Two Piece Outfit

Abercrombie Two Piece Set
Abercrombie Cropped Rouched Cami
Two Piece Outfit High Slit Midi Skirt
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