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Halloween is all about creating the looks that you want to create. Whether it’s a costume where you are recreating and iconic look of a celebrity, a scary look to creep others out as they walk down the street, a makeup based look where you can show off your cosmetic skills, or fashion based look that pairs makeup with fashion.

For me I like going with the fashion based option. As a fashion blogger, and as someone who isn’t a professional makeup artist, I like create Halloween costumes where I can use clothing already in my closet to create a look while also testing myself using some of the makeup that I already have.

Previously, I tried a werewolf Halloween costume where I was able to wear an iconic pant suit and try my hand at playing around with makeup that was more neutral in tone – which essentially allowed me to easily fix any mistakes that I had made without starting over. But this time, I decided to do something that would require a little bit more makeup and go a little creepier – a stylish vampire Halloween costume.

With this look, it was easier to find an outfit to create the vampire costume, but the difficulty came in when creating the makeup look. But, I was able to put it all together and provide you all with a tutorial on creating your STYLISH VAMPIRE HALLOWEEN COSTUME.

Werewolf Beauty

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Like many Halloween costumes where you are using clothing from your own closet and playing around with makeup, there are a variety of ways that you can go with this look.

When putting together your sexy vampire outfit, focus on going black. As cliché as it may sound, the idea of it is not to just wear black because it’s Halloween, but the bigger idea is to wear black in order to create that deep contrast with the makeup. If you’re not one that really wants to wear black, another alternative is to wear white. I’ve seen a few vampire Halloween costumes where the vampire look did well with the white outfit because of the contrast that it created in it’s own way, but my suggestion is to make sure that the color that you wear fits you.

For the outfit itself, there is a way to make it a more powerful statement by going with an all-black suit set, but I feel like a gown or dress always does the trick. If you’re going with black, I suggest a gown, and if you’re going with white, wear a loose white dress that will blow in the eerie wind of the October air.

For the look in this post, I went for an open back black velvet dress, but I will admit there were plenty of options to choose from.

During my search, I found a variety of black gowns in various materials. I decided on going with a velvet because of the gothic aspect that it added to my stylish vampire Halloween costume. If you’re going more sultry with your look, try a black satin dress. You can find a variety of either types of dresses in long-sleeve as well as shorter sleeves.

To add accessories and make it more of a medieval, gothic vampire look, try finding a long-sleeved gown like this one and adding lace gloves or a lace bracelet with a finger hook to just make it pop. I’ve even seen some add gothic neck accessories to take it to the next level. To get you started, here are a few amazing black gowns that you can wear for your sexy vampire Halloween costume and for other occasions.

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Fashion Vampire Costume


Vampire Halloween makeup can be done in a variety of ways. When I was searching through Pinterest and YouTube for inspiration, I saw how different people where either going for the more put together sultry make-up look and then others, like myself, wanted to get deeper into the dead-like aspect of being a vampire.

One issue that I did run into, as I had before with the werewolf Halloween costume, was there were not too many options for tutorials on how to create a vampire Halloween makeup look for my skin complexion. Certain women where using a lot of white base to make themselves looked more washed out, and when I tried that aspect, it made me look more crazy then vampire-like. So, again, I decided to use the general make-up knowledge that I have and try my own hand at it.

When I first started considering doing this look, there were a a collection of people who will say that it’s almost impossible to vampire makeup on darker skin. Honestly, I don’t think that it is true at all and that it’s all about finding the right shade for your skin complexion.

When gathering the makeup that you need for your vampire makeup look, you’ll need to find eyeshadows in black, deep reddish-purple, red, and base colors for your skin tone – like a brown or tan. Then you’re set to start putting your look together.

    After you have properly cleansed your skin and put on a moisturizer, let it dry and then apply a moisturizing primer. This will create a great base and help to make sure your skin does not dry out. Then apply a matte foundation – you’ll want to avoid anything dewy as you don’t want to create too much of a glow. You’ll complete your base by applying a concealer under your eyes that is two tones lighter than your own skin tone, and set you concealer with a banana powder.
    For a vampire Halloween look, you’ll want to have a strong bone structure. For this, use a foundation stick to contour around your jawline, nose, cheekbones, and forehead. When contouring for this look, the goal is to create strong bones structure and also to create outlines for the sunken areas that you may want to do later. Even if you’re not wanting to do the sunken aspect, you’ll still want that strong bone structure. Make sure to use a blending brush to blend out your contour. You can also use a bronzer to deepen the contour if you feel like it isn’t strong enough from the stick and blending.
    To finish up the basics before getting into the full vampire makeup look, you’ll want to use a tinted finishing powder to smooth out the look and brush off the excess banana powder. Then fill in your brows with a dark brow pomade that fits your complexion, and highlight with a brow highlighter.
    Prior to putting on any eyeshadow colors, put a translucent powder underneath your eyes to catch any excess powder. For the vampire Halloween look, you can use the Urban Decay Born to Run palette or a palette that includes deeper reds and purples. For the look, you’ll use RIFF at the top part of the crease as your transition and PUNK in the crease. Then you’ll want a deep black eyeshadow and apply to your entire lid and use JET from the palette to fill in with more black. You’ll follow the same order of shadow application underneath the eyes. Finish up with lining your eyes with a black eyeliner – pencil for the bottom and liquid for the top and merge together to create pointed ‘Vs’ in the corners of your eyes. Lastly, apply your lashes.
    Using a black lip liner, line your lips making sure to hit the corners of your mouth and creating a line thick enough to blend together with the rest of the look. Apply a red matte lipstick to the rest of your lips, and then use a black matte liquid lipstick to the corners of your mouth. Blend together slightly to create a ombre look.
    At this point in the look, you could stop and just stick with a vampy look, but if you want to go further and create a full vampire Halloween makeup look, then go back to the same eyeshadow palette and take the color HELLRIDE and apply to your temples and into your cheek contour. Then use a highlighter to add a slight glimmer to your checks. Finish off by adding any fangs and headpieces and you’re all set!

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