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It’s that time of year again. The time for all the ghosts and ghouls to come out and play, and I can’t contain my excitement. At the start of October, I began planning out Halloween outfits for myself for some of the adult Halloween parties that my husband and I will be attending this year. And then for our little man, I decided that instead of a family Halloween costume, he’ll be doing a group costume with his cousin’s since he’ll be trick-or-treating with them this year.

My husband decided to just throw on his Tigger onesie from our couple’s Halloween costume that we did last year, and as much as I love a good couple’s costume, I decided that he was going to be a lone ranger and I was going to go with a stylish Halloween costume like I usually do. Previously, I put together a stylish werewolf Halloween costume and a stylish Vampire costume. I loved putting together those looks especially when it came down to the makeup, but this year, I wanted to step back from a fully makeup look and create something that focused on the aesthetic of the persona that I wanted to take on – the witch.

I knew I was going to be a witch this year. I had thought about last year, bouncing back and forth between being a stylish witch and trying to do some cosplay with a Selene from Underworld look. At the end of it all, I decided that this year I was going to put together a stylish witch costume for Halloween.

When I first begin thinking how I was going to put together my witch costume, I started with considering of what fashion pieces would work well and what pieces would bring this modern witch costume to life without looking like it was too much. The aim for my costume was to embody the witchy aesthetic that has a sultry vibe to it without creating a super sexy witch costume. When it comes to my stylish Halloween costumes, I like to keep it fashionable without going too sexy. As I looked for inspiration, I bounced between finding Wicked Witch of the West looks and also some Glenda the Good Witch looks (which I will say that I adore the pink witch look), but after all was said and done, I ended up putting together an easy witch costume that you can DIY yourself easily this Halloween.

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As you get ready to prepare your stylish witch costume, first think of what you are comfortable wearing and what type of event you’ll be attending in this costume. If you’re not someone who likes wearing short dresses, then don’t. And if you’re someone who likes to wear pants in stead of dresses, then do so. Putting together your modern witch costume is about fulfilling the aesthetic – which we will talk about a little more below – and part of that witch vibe is that a witch has to be confident in what she is doing and what she is wearing.

Put together a look that works for you because there are so many options for every single body type when it comes to putting together a witch costume for Halloween. Whether you’re heading out to shop in the store or shop online, you’ll be able to find plenty of options in a dress, pants, tops, and accessories that allow you to put together an adult witch costume of your choosing. And to give you a little guidance, here are a few tips to help you put together you witch Halloween costume.

    If you’re looking to simple with your witch costume, start with finding pieces in black and then layer textures. Add pops of color in you accessories or event keep those black as well. But in that same note, I’m not saying the modern witch has to wear only black. If you’re looking to add color to your witch costume, stick with darker tones that are from a gothic or Fall color palette. You can play around with moss green, rust tones, reds, oranges, and even some shades of purple. Brighter colors tend to create more of a Halloween costume that gives off a fictional costume-y vibe instead of making a stylish look. I’ve even seen people go with white and playing up black in the hair and accessories to add contrast. But be careful with playing with white for your witch Halloween costume as it can easily cross the line into you looking like a spirit or a ghost instead of a witch.
    Add accessories to your witch costume as it will do nothing but make sure that everyone knows who you are and who they are messing with. Even as I put together this witch Halloween costume, I didn’t originally have a hat and it wasn’t obvious to people that I was a witch. But when I added that hat, it made the costume complete. A witch hat isn’t the only accessory that you can add to your stylish witch costume. You can add gothic jewelry, lace gloves, and printed tights to make your look fit the witch vibe that you’re going for. I’ve even seen some amazing witch Halloween costumes that have had capes like you would see on Red Riding Hood but instead of it being bright red, they were either in black or a green or purple. I had thought about adding a cape, but when I saw this lace duster, the sleeves just embodied the witchy style that I was aiming for.
    Your makeup can add another level to your witch Halloween costume. You can go simple and do an all black makeup look with black matte lips and black eyeshadow – maybe even adding in a little glimmer on the cheeks as you contour. Or you can go natural, like I have, and used Fall tones to create a witch who you would never see coming. If you’re looking to mystify, go over the top and add some designs. I’ve seen witch make-up looks that have symbols drawn on their entire faces all the way to makeup looks where half the face is entirely jet black. There is so much that you can do to level up your Halloween witch costume with your makeup.
    Props are a great way to level up your witch costume. You can go with a small spell book, a witches broom, a skull, a small cauldron, or even a wand. Props are a great way of adding something extra to your Halloween costume especially if you’re looking to do a little photoshoot and take some pictures for Instagram.
    One other way to level up your Halloween witch costume is with colored contacts. It’s a great way to add contrast to your make-up look – especially if you’re doing the one where half of your face is all black. I’ve seen a lot of witch costumes where people have done the white colored contacts to create a creepy look, but that’s not the only way to do it. If you want to add some contacts to your look, but don’t want to go with white or all black, you can wear contacts that drastically change the color of your eyes and contrast with your skin tone. When I considered contacts for my witch costume, I considered an deep blue or purple contact that would add contrast and stand out against my skin tone.

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Each of us has a little bit of magic in us, so why not embrace it. The witch aesthetic is al about using that magic and showing confidence in our actions and our looks.

When creating your fashionable look, you’ll want to embody the witch aesthetic in your own way. You can bring in elements of traditional witch aspects such as wearing antiqued jewelry, flowy outerwear such as capes, and buckles, or you can go modern, and add touches of modern trends that embody the witch color palette using the style tips above.

There are two types of gothic witch styles that I believe that are great places to start when looking for inspiration for a stylish witch costume – southern gothic and Victorian gothic. Both have fashionable elements to them that can be altered in order to make your witch costume fit your style.

  • Southern Gothic – lots of lace, oversized brimmed hats, layers of jewelry, sheer fabric
  • Victorian – corsets, large skirts, formal wear, pointed toe boots, long sleeves or gloves,

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