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Earlier last month, I had the greatest time shopping at Suburban Square in Ardmore. It was a great little family outing as I was able to go with my sister, niece, and nephew. We took a stop over to get out of the house, grab a bite to eat, and I did a little shopping to see what pieces I could pick out to add to my summer wardrobe. When arriving at Suburban Square, you’ll find that the shops are all located on a convenient strip with convenient street parking and a few parking lots in the immediate area so that everything is in an accessible walking distance.

Suburban Square is located in an amazing location as it is only a few minutes away from a few colleges, the downtown area of Ardmore, and is located only a short distance from the city. This makes it a perfect shopping area for people looking to get out of the bustle and business of the city, and it’s great for those who live in the area and only need to take a quick walk to the shops.

Suburban Square In Ardmore Pa

In Suburban Square, you’ll be able to find some amazing shops that are perfect for any style and size. Of course, for me, when I am heading to the shopping location, I ideally want to shop where there are stores that either carry petite sizes or have clothes that fit my petite frame. I mean, who wants to shop in an area where they can’t find anything in their size?

For this shopping trip, I took a stop into some of my favorite stores – Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Banana Republic. As you know, these stores not only carry stylish pieces, but they also carry sizes that are fit for every body type.

The stores located at Suburban Square are not the overwhelming size that you may see these same brands having in other shopping locations which makes it easy to shop. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I have gone into a store and it was way too big for my liking and I felt myself becoming overwhelmed with the amount of options, and, sometimes, the disorganization that those stores have.

But at Suburban Square, I didn’t find this being much of an issue. Each and every store was easily accessible, easy to find, and very organized with amazing customer service.

Other than the clothing stores, there are also some amazing beauty stores & shops that make this a prime shopping destination. I, of course, made a stop in to Sephora while on this trip to stock up on all of my favorite products.

Additionally, you’ll find Dry Bar at Suburban Square. I had the privilege of having my first blowout at this Dry Bar location when it had first opened, and let me tell you that it was such an amazing experience. I had never had a blowout before, and I didn’t think that it was something for my hair type, but I learned the contrary. You can read about that whole experience in another post where I wrote about my blowout at the Dry Bar in Suburban Square.

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Other than shopping, Suburban Square also offers an amazing selection of restaurants to eat at. No matter your food preference or what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find the exact type of meal that you are looking for during your visit to Suburban Square.

During our visit, we took a stop over to Besito for some enchiladas and margaritas. The flavors were amazing and the service was impeccable. My niece, being the picky eater that she is, was even able to find something on the menu that she ate completely, with a little help from my nephew.

You’ll also be able to find Ruby’s Diner, Sweetgreen, and so many other food options there for you to grab a plate, get some fuel, and head back out to finish your shopping experience.


Thank you to Suburban Square for inviting me to eat and shop here. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 







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