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It’s been a few weeks now since we went to Charleston, and I am still wanting to go back. My heart has always been in the South because that is where my family is from and I have been there every summer since I was a toddler. I think because I spent so much time in the South, I took on this want to always be in the warmth and grew into knowing how to dress for the warm humid weather. Even when hubby and I traveled to the Dominican Republic and the heat and humidity was high, it didn’t really bother me much because it was normal for me and I had packed for it.



When dressing for the Southern weather, you want to make sure that you are wearing clothes that aren’t going to stick to you. The worse feeling, when in humid weather, is when your clothes just stick to you like glue. I like to pack clothing that are made with chiffon material or even have a silky texture as those are less likely to stick.

You can also wear clothes that are mostly cotton. The cotton will absorb the humidity and leave you cool and comfortable.

Other than the material, you want to lean towards wearing clothes that have movement. This dress has a high slit that allows me to walk without having obstruction and it catches the wind.

In the South, you’ll have those wonderful days when the breeze is blowing gently. Those are the days that you may want to sit outside on a patio and drink a delicious glass of homemade sweet tea and just listen to the bustle of the town. And when your clothes have the element of catching the wind, it will show movement in your clothes – for those need to catch Instagram moments – and it will feel amazing when it catches around your body.

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