Summer Dresses for the 4th of July

Revolve Tularosa Dress Scaled

Revolve Tularosa Dress

Next week, we will be celebrating the 4th of July. And whether you are heading out for festivities this weekend or next weekend, you may want to prepare yourself for the heat of the holiday. Last year, I shared a July 4th look for those heading to a BBQ, but this year, I wanted to talk about dresses that you can wear whether you are heading to a BBQ, an indoor event, or even taking the big trip down to the shore to scavenge for your spot on the beach. Many of these dresses are lightweight and perfect for the outdoor and indoor weather, and are easy to layer in the case that you want to thrown on your suit underneath – or even just to have a second outfit after you take a dip in the water.



I’ve always adored wearing dresses – especially ones that are flowly, light-weight, and have so much movement. So when I discovered this very dress from Revolve, I was super excited about it being bump friendly in my pre-pregnancy size. To me, that means I can wear it now and wear it later.

When picking out your outfit for the 4th of July, the key is to plan around what you’ll be doing for your festivities and how much you want to pack. I know that there are people who are heading to the shore and are very open to packing multiple outfits – maybe, it’s your bathing suit and a cover up and then you pack your outfit for later for when you hit the boardwalk or for hanging out later that night at a restaurant or bar.

And then there are the people who aren’t heading tot he beach and maybe just going to a little event in someone’s backyard, an indoor venue or even at a park. For the most part, you’re probably just looking to pack one outfit, and my advice is to wear something that is loose even if you are planning on being inside. Just because your inside doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed to turn the air conditioner on and even if they do, I always recommend wearing something loose so that you can eat as much as you want without having to worry about loosening up any buttons.

I’ve rounded up a collection of dresses that I believer are perfect for the 4th of July – no matter where you are going – below. Let me know what you think in the comments and even share what your plans are. I love hearing about how everyone celebrates July 4th.


Revolve Tabitha Dress In Baby Blue
Tularosa Tabitha Dress
Tularosa Blue Dress
Revolve Tularosa Tabitha Dress
Revolve Tularosa Tabitha Maxi Dress
Tabitha Dress In Baby Blue
Revolve Bump Friendly Dress
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