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Have you ever had a dress where you felt that it looked so much better without shoes? It’s like no matter what pair of shoes that you put on, it just takes away from the dress and you feel like it looks so much better without any shoes. But, of course, heading out into public spaces without any shoes is mostly socially unacceptable and can be a little dangerous depending on where you are going. For me, there are quite a few maxi dresses that I feel like look so much better without shoes. It’s like those shoes take away from them because the dresses are so beautiful. Whether you’re want to wear shoes with them or not, I want to share with you some amazing summer dresses that you can wear with or without shoes.




If you’re planning to wear any summer dresses that forgo the shoes, you’re probably going to be outside more than inside. I can’t count on two hands how many times that I have worn a dress to an outdoor event and at some point took off my shoes. For many of us, these occasions can be something as small as going on a picnic in the park with your significant other or as big as an outdoor wedding where you’re out on the dance floor and it’s at that point where it is socially acceptable to get rid of those heels. I mean, after a while they truly do hurt.



Now, I’m not saying that you need to wear these summer dresses inside and just forget wearing shoes at all. But what I am saying is that if you happen to take them off, people may be so drawn into how beautiful these dresses are that they may not even notice that you don’t have shoes on. I’m guilty of slipping my shoes off at events when I’m sitting down and no one can see that my shoes are off under the table. There have even been some family gatherings where I just took my shoes off and walked around in footies and the dress was so gorgeous that nobody realized that I shrunk a couple of inches.

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