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Summer is upon us. I know that for a fact since this is my last week for my students – meaning its my last week as well. Hello, Summer Vacation!

As much as I love my teacher clothes, I am so happy to be able to just get up and put on my street clothes – my jeans, my OTS tops and my collection of fabulous sandals. But even more, I just excited for all that is to come this summer. I have so many things that I want to do. There are places I want to visits, projects I want to finish, and books that I want to read.

But the most important thing that I’ll be working on this summer is my summer style.

This time last year, I was just finishing grad school. And as much as I knew that I was an adult, I didn’t completely feel like one, and my wardrobe reflected that.

This year, I’m heading into summer with a new outlook. I am now a married woman, with a full-time job, and living out on my own with my husband. There is so much that has changed, and my wardrobe over this past year is showing that.

One thing that has vastly changed is my shoes. My closet used to be filled with a variety of colored pumps and flip flops. Shoes that I would wear heading to the bar or out with college friends. But now, my closet is a collection of stylish sandals, a variety of boots and booties, and even a few pairs of stylish sneakers.

My new favorite sneakers are my New Balance sneakers from Famous Footwear. I have worn these to work plenty of time. And on the days that I worn them, I have received compliments from my coworkers and my students.



{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

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There are a variety of places that I shop for shoes – one of them being Famous Footwear.

Famous Footwear has a collection of all types of shoes for everyone. My favorite section to shop there is the sneaker section. I can always find a pair of stylish sneakers that I know I can wear year round and pair with one of my outfits.

I’ve worn these New Balance sneakers with a variety of outfits, but I let the sneakers be the center of the outfit.

I’m feeling so confident walking into the summer with my “adult” wardrobe that reflects my personal style.

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