The Summer of Rompers

Forever 21 Black Romper
Forever 21 Black Romper

Rompers have always been great pieces for the petite frame. I’ve mentioned it before in previous posts (see here). But I’ve always been hesitant to fill my closet with rompers. I wasn’t always a huge fan of them. I mean, I had a few but I didn’t like wearing them because I felt that it was the typical go-to piece for the petite woman to look taller. And I was all about breaking the typical style and trying other pieces to make them fit for my frame.

But this summer, I took that notion back and accepted the romper again. And what I mean by accepted, I mean that I may have added quite a few to my closet.

Now for those who don’t know the secret about rompers and petite women, I’m going to share that with you really quick. The secret is that the romper gives the illusion of longer legs and accentuates the small frame. I am a little under 5’4″ – the “taller” side of the petite size. But in a romper, I look at least 5’7″ when I am not standing next to someone who is taller than me.

Not only does the romper make you look taller, it is just the cutest summer staple. I love the different varieties that you can find and each one looks different.

This black floral print romper from Forever 21 has been my favorite of the summer so far. I know it’s hot outside and I shouldn’t be wearing black, but I’ll take on the heat in exchange for style.



{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

Forever 21 Summer Romper
Forever 21 Romper
Summer Romper
Black Romper
Summer Chic Romper
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