What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Forever 21 Floral Dress

Forever 21 Floral Dress

Summer is in full swing and that means we are in the midst of wedding season. I kicked off wedding season with my own wedding in late April and since then we have received wedding invitations, save the dates, notices that friends or family recently got engaged and will be getting married soon, and invitations to baby showers of couples whose wedding we attending. It’s our generations time for wedding and babies and it is exciting.

Tomorrow, we will be on our way to another wedding of one of my husband’s family members. And though I absolutely adored being a bride and marrying my best friend, I also love being wedding guest. It is amazing to be able to witness two people coming together in love to commit their bond before everyone. There’s magic in it that no one can take away.

Attending all of these weddings calls for the appropriate outfit. It has been hot and humid in the northeast. So for summer weddings, it is essential to wear something that gives you a lot of room to breathe. You don’t want to be that person who wore that outfit that made you sweaty and smelly and as your on the dance floor, you are doing nothing but making yourself sweatier and smellier.

This floral open-shoulder dress from Forever 21 is just the look for a summer wedding. The cream color is dark enough so that you don’t look like you are wearing white and the florals are what stand out the most. It is loose to give you room to breath and with a pair of gold heels, you are the summer goddess attending the wedding of a queen.

I am so excited to attend more wedding and events this summer. It’s going to be a busy summer and honestly, I’m starting to think that I am not going to finish that bucket list I mentioned. But I’m going to keep trying. Maybe I’ll tie in the wedding season to help take over some of the things on my bucket list.



{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

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