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I am so excited to share this post today. It’s been on my drafts for a while now and I wanted to have it go live earlier this month, but the editorial calendar had me at certain restrictions. But enough about that…

Earlier this month was my tea party bridal shower! And my bridesmaids definitely reassured me that I made the right choice picking them to be by my side as I take this next step in my life journey. The bridal shower was amazing and I am so excited to share with you all of the DIY decor that they did and the personalized dessert table that was not only beautiful but had such great treats fit for a tea party.

For my shower, my bridesmaids picked the theme of “Royal Tea Party”. For those who don’t know, my wedding theme is royalty and they included the fact that I absolutely love tea – plus what better way to celebrate the queen marrying her king than with a tea party.

For the decor, they did everything. And a lot of it was DIY. For example, my sister made my bridal chair all by herself! She did not just go and buy a gold chair and bring it to the shower – she made it along with the glitter dipped wine glasses. Not meaning to brag, but my bridesmaids are amazing and very creative.

The event was so enjoyable. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by people that love me and continue to support me.

I was blown away by what my bridesmaids put together. It was a tea party fit for a queen!

DSC 2528 Tea Party Bridal Shower

This was absolutely too cute. The flipped tea cup with a smaller teapot on top. Perfect centerpieces!

DSC 2540

I found this amazing dress on ASOS – Maya Long Sleeve Sequin Top Maxi Tulle Dress

Bride Bridal Shower

DSC 2546 Edit

Mommy, Sissy & Me

Bridal Shower Gifts

Party favors! Some mints and a little bag with my favorite flavors of tea and sugar cubes. I’ll admit that I took a bunch of these home and have been enjoying the tea every day.

Wine Guestbook

I am not one for the typical guest book. My thought is: “What do you do with the book afterwards?” So my bridesmaids made a guestbook out of my favorite type of wine (well, all wine is my favorite). Now, I can enjoy the wine and then use the bottle as a vase when it is empty.

Bridal Shower Bridal Shower Desserts Dessert Table Dessert Table Decor Bridal Shower Decor

Dessert table was so well put together. And every piece was delicious. I definitely made sure to take home any leftovers.

Bridal Decor Asos Maya Dress Diy Photobooth Prop Bridal Shower Games

The winning veil from the “Make-A-Veil” game!

Bridal Shower Outfit DSC 2637 DSC 2639

My nephew was set on being my little helper while I unwrapped all my gifts. He kept opening the next item as I showed everyone what I had just received.

DSC 2647 Wifey Bag College Quilt

My grandmother had been working on this quilt for awhile. I was so excited to finally be able to get it. She made it from all of my high school and college t-shirts. There are also some on the back! It is such an amazing quilt. I am planning on hanging it on a wall in my office.

Gifts For The Bride Bridal Shower Gift Advice For The Bride

Games Played:

  • Icebreaker – Find the Guest
  • What’s in Your Purse
  • How Well Do You Know the Bride?
  • Make – A – Veil


  • Danya’s Desserts
  • BBS Creations




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