#TeachStyle – Why I Love Bell-Sleeves

Bell Sleeve Dress

Bell Sleeve Dress

Today is the day for #TeachStyle. For today’s “lesson” we are focusing on bell-sleeves and the perfect picks for this season.

I adore bell-sleeves. I probably have every style/type of top and dress with bell-sleeves. I have so many options that my students have actually taken notice and told me that they know that I am obsessed with this style.

The bell-sleeve does so many things. It accentuates the curves of your arms, it shows graceful movement, and it pull focus to the bracelets and/or rings that you are wearing because there is so much focus on that area.

As a teacher, I love wearing bell-sleeves not only because of the style but because of the fact that it pull focus to the board when I am writing. My students have told me that when I am writing and wear this type of sleeve, they are looking at the motion of my hand because of the movement of my sleeves. They should be paying attention either way, but I take what I can get.

In my opinion, bell-sleeve pieces are great for the fall and spring season. My reason…it is because most bell-sleeve tops are long-sleeved but in light fabric. There will be occasions where you’ll find a bell-sleeved top or dress that is also 3/4 sleeve but 95% of the time, it will be a long-sleeved look. So with that thought, you’re getting coverage of your arms for those cooler days but you’re not feeling completely covered up where you feel like you’re wearing an actual long-sleeved top that cinches at your wrist.

You’re getting the coverage without feeling the heat. And if you’re like me, in the classroom, you still need that slight warmth because the heater isn’t working right in your classroom or the building is just cold in general, but you also don’t want to be too warm because there are those moments when every student needs your help and you’re running around the room trying to be the teacher you know you can be.

There are so many bell-sleeved options such as this dress from Boohoo. I’ve picked out some great bell-sleeved pieces for this season, especially for wearing in the classroom, that you can see below. Let me know what you think! And keep sending me notes on the #TeachStyle looks/trends and thoughts that you want to see in the series!




Dress c/o BooHoo | Earrings c/o SugarFix | Shoes – Vans ( Nordstrom )

{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

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