#TeachStyle: It’s a Perfect Fit

Silver Jeans

Vici Collection Cardigan

There aren’t many days in the school year that I, as a teacher, am allowed to wear jeans. But on the days that I do, I make sure to pick out the jeans that are just the right fit for me and for the day.

As a petite woman, it’s often hard for me to find jeans. I have to restrict myself to only buying from certain stores that sell jeans in short or have a petite section because the regular sized jeans are too long. And even when I shape the jeans in the petite section, I often still have a hard time because my thighs don’t balance well with my waist size. So often times, I’ll find jeans that are a perfect length but not perfect for my thighs. Or I’ll find a pair of jeans that are perfect for my size, but I need to wear a belt because they are loose around the waist.  And it is way too hard to keep having to find a seamstress that does well with jeans. 

But other than the fit of the jean to my body, I have to think about the fit of the jean for the day. As a teacher, I move around a lot during the day. I’m constantly on my feet teaching, assisting, and being a resource to my students. So I need to wear jeans the breathe and aren’t constraining me in my movement.

I’ve been a member of Fitcode for some time now (you can see my previous mention of them in this post), and I want to share with you that recently they have added Silver Jeans Co. to their jean selection. With Fitcode, I can find a jean that it perfect for both “fits”. Once I get my Fitcode number, I am then given a selection of jeans that are prefect for the fit of my body and then from there, I was able to choose this pair of Silver Jeans Co. that are a perfect fit for a jeans day at work.

And along with other things being a perfect fit – then necklace that I have been wearing to work every day is a perfect fit for me and my husband. The Everlight Pendant from Michael Hill reminds me of the infinite love that my husband and I have for each other. The lines weave together and fit perfectly just like we do. This necklace goes with just about every one of my outfits and it’s a necklace that I am adoring right now.

With both of these element together, this outfit is the perfect fit and a special feature for #TeachStyle.

Jeans – c/o Silver Jeans Co. (Fitcode) | Top – Nordstrom | Cardigan – Vici | Shoes – c/o Minnetonka |
Necklace – c/o Michael Hill

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