#TeachStyle: Winter Work Wear

Primark Workwear

Primark Workwear

It’s #TeachStyle Monday! And today, I’m talking about winter work wear.

Now, I know that this stylish series is focused on teaching, but today’s work wear post can be taken on by everyone and anyone. Because we all love tips and outfit suggestions for going to work. I mean, I’m like everyone else when it comes to trying to plan an outfit early in the morning. You sit, you stare at your closet, and just hope the clothes come floating out of the closet so that you don’t have to plan the outfit yourself. Then you get the feeling that you have nothing to wear even though you have absolutely everything to wear. 

For this work wear outfit, I did say this post is for everyone and anyone because the special thing about this post is that I’m going to be sharing how this featured outfit can cost you a good deal of money or $75 – it all depends on where you shop.

This outfit cost me a total of $75, and yes, that is including the shoes and accessories! Just $75!

My outfit was actually inspired by other pieces that I saw on a few other places that I enjoy shopping. But after all was said and done, I was spending way too much money on one single outfit and I wanted to make sure that I could stretch each dollar as far as possible.

So for today’s lesson, I’m sharing that you can plan an outfit out from each of your favorite stores but then find pieces to create the same look for a whole different price.

I’ve included all of the pieces from my outfit that I originally found below, but I’m sharing with you that all of my pieces actually came from Primark. I was able to look and find each of the pieces below for a lesser price so that I can put money towards planning for the hubby and I’s international trip this summer.

At the end of the day, it’s all about your preference.


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