That Luxe Life Podcast: Why Buy & When to Buy Luxury Brands with Melissa White

When To Buy Luxury Blog

When To Buy Luxury Blog

In this episode of the That Luxe Life Podcast, I talk with Melissa White of Mel and Chanel about shopping luxury brands. As we have said, luxury is about the experience of it all and how it makes you feel, but as you may be looking to shop for some luxury pieces, you’ll want to consider some key tips on when to shop and how to shop luxury brands.


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Melissa aka Mel talks about various tips on shopping luxury brands including shopping outlet stores of brands such as Gucci or Chanel. She throws out the false thought that many believe about outlets only containing pieces that are damaged or returned for some reason. She also talks about how her style has changed as a mother and how it has shaped the luxury items that she now purchases.

Mel also speaks on the topic of those who shop dupes. Shopping luxury brand items is not always attainable for every single person, but it’s important to know the difference between shopping lookalikes and shopping dupes. Many stores, including Amazon, are harping down on shops that sell dupes because dupes are items that you should not shop for because they basically are counterfeits. She emphasizes that, instead, you should find what is attainable for you and focus on what it feels like so that you are still getting those luxury experiences.

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