The 3 Coat Styles You Need This Winter

zara lingerie style top

zara lingerie style top

These winter storms this season have been outrageous. Luckily, for me, when it storms, my school usually gives us a day off. Granted, those days just get added onto the school year elsewhere, but at least we are not out trying to fight the storm. But that isn’t the case for many of us. And even when the storm is over, that killer windchill and the lower temperatures are still super harsh, making us feel as if we should all just stay at home and call out for a sick day because it is so crazy cold. Though we wish we had unlimited sick days or that winter weather only lasted for short periods of time, we have to deal either way. The main way to deal with the cold weather is to stock up on coats, especially when you want to head out and take advantage of all the fun activities of the winter season.


If you are anything like I was, you may have one main coat that you wear no matter the occasion – it’s your go-to coat. Whether it’s a day playing out in the snow, a date night, or even a wedding, you still have on that same coat that doesn’t go with the more dressier outfits that you own. I learned that there needs to be a switch up, and I want to share with you the main coats that you need to have in your coat collection to get through every event this winter.

The Pea Coat

Everyone needs a pea coat. It is the one coat that goes well with your more dressier outfits where you are wearing pants or a type of shorter dress. Pea coats do come in some variety of different lengths – though the lengths aren’t too drastic in change or it would no longer be a pea coat.

I’ve worn my pea coats with jeans, dress pants, and dresses that do not go past my knees.


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The Puffer Jacket

Now don’t be thrown off by the name. The Puffer jacket is not a thin jacket that is only meant for the warmer days of the winter. Though it is called a jacket, it is, in every way, a coat.

You can typically find this type of coat in a variety of lengths. I have one that actually goes down to my knees, while I have friends that have their puffers ending at their waistline. Many puffers are typically filled with some kind of feathering which helps to keep in warmth and keeps you dry when you are outside taking part in those outdoor activities such as snowball fights and making snow angels.


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The Relaxed Go-To Coat

Everyone needs that relaxed go-to coat that is not a play coat but also not a dressy coat. It’s that coat that you wear when you go to work or when going out for lunch with your friends. My recommendation for relaxed coats is to get it at a length that is longer than a peat coat length but not one that is down past your knees.

You don’t want it to be as thick as a bomber because you’re not going to be outside and you don’t want it to be super heavy. Your go-to coat is more used to keep you warm during the times that you’re walking between your car and your destination, and even when you’re walking in and out of stores during the warmer days of winter if you go to an outlet store.


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