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There have been number of times that I have heard from women who are my size or shorter, and of the petite frame, who have told me that it’s pretty much impossible to wear maxi dresses. And each and every time, I tell them that it is not impossible, it just takes a few little adjustments to get the dress to fit the way that you want it to. In actuality, wearing a maxi dress is a trick to make those with the petite frame look taller. There’s an illusion that it creates, so avoiding it is not always the best thing. Therefore, this post is going to focus on maxi dress hacks for petites.


Hacks For Wearing A Maxi Dress

When it comes to wearing a maxi dress, many petite women typically avoid wearing it because they either don’t want to wear heels or don’t want to get it hemmed. Though those are the two easiest ways to have a maxi dress fit your frame, there are other ways to shop for maxi dresses and wear them so that they fit to you and flatter your figure.

One of the first ways is to have a few belts in your collection that are meant to wear around your torso. This is one of the easiest hacks to altering a dress without the need to hem it, because it allows you to pull up the hemline of the dress and hide any access material. You can either use a slim belt that you’re not planning to show, and cince it around your core, the pull the access material over belt to cover it. This brings the hemline up while also giving a trendy look to the top portion of the dress. You can also wear belts that you’re wanting to show and hide the access material behind the belt.

Another hack that I have learnd over the years is bringing up the neckline and pinning it. There are a few dresses that sit low on the neck. And by bringing up that neckline slightly and using a pin to cinch it in the back, you are bringing up the dress without really changing the look of the dress much or having the need to buy accessories.

If you’re looking to avoid all of these little alterations at home all together, the key is shopping the right pieces. Of course, dresses in the petite section usually aren’t as long as the dresses in the “regular” section. But even when shopping online or in store, look at the details of the dress to determine how this is set to be worn and what the length it. Many stores show the mnodel info so that you can get a feeling of how it sits on an average height, and in some descriptions, like when I shopped this dress, it actually says that it is suggested to wear heels with no matter the height.

Maxi Dress For Petites
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Tips For Petites To Wear A Maxi Dress
Tips For Wearing A Maxi Dress
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