The Every Girl Fall Fashion Style

Gray Long Sleeved Crop Top

Gray Long Sleeved Crop Top

You may have asked yourself at some point – What is “every girl” style? It’s a common question, and in my opinion, it changes based on who you are talking to. But overall, every girl style is clothes that are trending and are being worn by mostly every girl. This changes from season to season and changes from year to year. But what you see is that there are key pieces of clothes that mostly every girl, no matter her style preference, has in her closet. So if you’re looking to rock the ‘every girl’ style, this is the post where you’ll find the tips that you need to make the style your own.



Actual Pieces: Top & Pants – Aritzia // Boots – Seychelles

The one thing that I want to share with you all before we get deeper into the every girl style is that though it is meant for every girl to wear, it doesn’t mean that you will end up looking like every girl on the street. The every girl style is about taking pieces that are flattering and trending for all style preferences and fitting into your own personal style.


Many of the pieces that you’ll find trending for all style preferences come in a variety of colors. So when making the trend your own, find pieces that are in colors that compliment your complexion. I’m not saying that there are certain complexions that can’t wear a certain color, but what I am saying is that there are certain clothes in colors that complement complexions and further accentuate their beauty. Therefore, when making the every girl style your own, try finding pieces in a variety of colors and pick one that is meant for you.

Another way to make the style right for you is by mixing it up a little. Maybe one of the trending styles is a belted blazer, but that doesn’t mean that you need to get the ones with buttons. You can get it without buttons. Or maybe the trending style is knee-high boots, not only do those come in a variety of colors they come in a variety of prints too. So mix it and maybe get some snakeskin knee-high boots and rock those.

Lastly, just because it’s an every girl style, doesn’t mean that you have to be like “most girls” (queue “Most Girls” by Hailee Steinfeld). Get pieces that accentuate your frame. There are many every girl styles that I love and I take those styles an inspiration and find pieces that fit to my petite frame – especially because it ain’t cute to walk around with your pants dragging below your shoes.

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Aritizia Gray Long Sleeved Crop Top
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