What I Learned in the First Half of Pregnancy

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A few weeks ago, I hit the milestone of being halfway through my pregnancy. Now that I am over the halfway mark, I can’t help but think of where did the time go. I feel like it was only last month that I was thinking, “Ugh, I can’t wait until I’m past halfway through because this baby is kicking my butt” and that it was just the end of my first trimester. And now I’m in the moments where I find myself worrying about what will happen when we meet our baby boy. Come August, he’ll no longer be safe and sound inside my belly. Pregnancy is bittersweet. The aches and pains make you feel like you can’t wait for this baby to get out, but the thought of your baby no longer safe within you is also pretty scary. I’ve learned a lot in my first half of my pregnancy – some good things and some not as good – but being a first-time mom has made me realize that some people’s stories are true, but that everyone has their own experience.



You Will Think You’re Crazy

At first, I began to think that baby brain was something that someone made up, but I eventually realized that baby brain is a thing. There are so many moments in a day that I’ll forget what I was doing, what I am supposed to be doing, and where the heck I meant to be going in that moment. I had a co-worker laugh at me the other day because I walked halfway down the hallway after closing up my classroom, only to realize that I forgot where I was going in the first place.

You’ll Have Good Days and Bad Days

I’m not going to sit here and completely blame my emotions on my hormones. But there are some days where I fully feel as if the struggle is more than real in comparison to other days. I’ll feel more uncomfortable or I’ll just not want to anyone that day. But most of all, there are just days where I am so super tired that I come home and immediately go to sleep. My husband will come home and find Charlie pup licking my face while I am passed out on the couch.

Not Everyone Gets Pregnancy Cravings

I didn’t have much that I craved. I a big eater either way, but nothing really changed about my eating habits except for the fact that I became somewhat more conscious of what I was eating, and I made sure that I was eating enough in order to take in the recommended calorie intake. I think one of the main things that my students noticed at first was that I cut out my morning black tea. I didn’t want to drink all of that caffiene day to day even though many say that the amount of caffiene in tea isn’t harmful. I just didn’t want to take that risk. My hardest thing to deal with not not being to eat certain things like sushi or hoagies which are two main foods that I liked to eat normally.

The Internet Is Not Your Friend

I know that this is pretty contradictory seeing that you are on the internet reading about my experience, but the one thing that I learned is that watching videos of people

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through labor or getting an epidural will not calm your nerves or really prepare you. And also that reading about what it could mean if baby hasn’t moved for over two hours can do more harm than good. I found myself more on edge and wanting to call my mom or doctor, for them to simply tell me that everything is fine and not to worry. That fact was then confirmed at my doctor’s appointment which then made me think I was even more crazy than I thought I was. Now I won’t say to stay completely away from the Bump, because I found that helpful, but just take everything with a grain of salt and note that your experience is different from everyone else’s experience.

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