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A self-paced course that will take you through the nitty gritty of building your own brand and business as an influencer so that you can build your empire.
Until the Doors Close!

So you want to be a full-time influencer…

I see you, and I hear you. I was right there with you years ago and I made every mistake in the book. I struggled trying to build my business and almost gave up living my dream BUT I figured it out.

And I'm here to help you figure it out too without the struggles that I suffered through.


  • You’re a micro influencer and you’re not quite sure how to begin navigating the influencer space in order to start generating consistent income
  • You started a blog but it is not growing and you’re just stuck and frustrated and on the verge of giving up
  • You’re sick of only getting brands reaching out or responding that they can only gift you product – because let’s face it, you can’t pay the rent with skincare products
  • You’ve started to get some brands wanting to work with you, but when you get to the contract, you’re not sure what it is saying and you’re feeling like you may be undervaluing yourself and signing your content away

What if I told you that you could…

Grow Your Community without relying on social media platforms that have ever-changing algorithms that tend to disappoint you

Secure Brand Partnerships with some of your favorite brands that you are already using in your day to day and ones that you wish you could work with

Get Back Time Your time is value because as they time “time is money” and you need all the time you can get to not only run your business but enjoy your life

Generate Multiple Revenue Streams through using the tools, skills, and knowledge you already have and building it off of your brand

Receive Responses Back From Emails and have the confidence to negotiate your worth because no one has ever paid an electric bill with an eyeshadow palette

Understand Legal Documents Partnership contracts and all the other legal that comes with running a business can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be

Keep More Money In Your Bank Account There are always expenses in businesses but with some adjustments and budgeting you can grow your net profits to six-figures

You have the skills and you definitely have the creativity, so let’s build you an EMPIRE.

Sign up and enroll in the Influencer Biz course to get access to a full workbook, digital templates, and all the course materials and bonuses to begin your journey on building your profitable influencer business.

What if I told you that you didn’t need to have 100k+ on Instagram or TikTok to build a successful business?


When I first started out as an influencer, I put all of my energy into growing my social media following, and after all of that time and energy, I didn’t see any change in profit. But then I realized, it wasn’t a following that I needed, but a strong business strategy and that is exactly what the Influencer Biz will give you the tools to build.

The influencer space is packed with individuals looking for internet fame, but you’re looking for that opportunity to level up and quit your 9-to-5 and enjoy the luxury of being able to run your own business and be the CEO that others answer to. It’s time to stop asking yourself…

“When is this going to happen to me?”


And instead, it’s time to start building your influencer business strategy and put yourself on the path to achieve and surpass your goals.

LivingLesh Influencer Course online blogger course
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"The Influencer business course is the perfect course for those starting out or who have started and need the extra help! I have learned so much about organizing my business and how to grow my brand to become successful. Learning the back end of becoming an influencer isn't something that many people talk about but after taking the course I feel confident in my journey to take this business full time."
Ashley Cummins
Ashley Cummins@ashleymarieblog_
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"I recently started working full time as a blogger and influencer, and needed guidance on the legal aspects of the blogging world. The Influencer Biz Course was easy to follow and broke down everything in a way that made sense. Iesha provides invaluable information that you can only learn from another blogger, so I appreciate her creating this course and sharing her knowledge! I feel more confident heading into my first year of full-time blogging after taking the Influencer Biz Course."
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"The Influencer Biz course helped me navigate the ins and outs of marketing myself as an influencer and setting up the business end of things! Instead of just giving a long checklist of what you need to have in order, Lesh walks you through each step and breaks it down into easily accessible chunks. I so appreciated that she also put together a whole host of resources in the workbook so that you really have everything you need in one place."
Sarah Kleist
Sarah Kleist@skleist
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"As a content creator with a medium sized TikTok following, I felt super confused on how to establish myself as a business before taking this course. I had done a few brand deals (and got super lucky with one super high-ticket partnership as a fluke) but had never established my own process for pitching, building relationships, getting organized, and charging what I'm worth. After taking Iesha [Living Lesh]'s course, I feel extremely confident in establishing my business systems and processes, pitching, and even raising my rates. This course is perfect for the beginning or even novice creator who is ready to take their business and income to the next level."
Chelsea Torres
Chelsea Torres@chelsea.carlita
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"Overall I think the course is great and has valuable insights about the influencer business. All-in-all I think there is good value provided here and would help an influencer take their business to the next level without having to scramble over the internet to find info."


At the end of this course, you will:

What else do you get?

The course is fully packed with great resources and bonuses such as:

  • The Influencer Biz Workbook for your influencer business including contract templates, email pitch templates, blog post checklist, social media calendar, partnership report template, brand building worksheets, job posting and hiring templates, and much, much more!
  • Digital Templates for you to use to keep yourself organized such as a budget tracker, social media editorial calendar, contact database, blog editorial calendar, social media tracker, proposal slide deck template, and more! 
  • Three (3) Monthly Live Group Q&A Sessions with Iesha
  • Access to exclusive discounts for one-on-one coaching calls with Iesha! 
  • Lifetime access to the Influencer Biz Members-Only Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access to all course materials, updates, new freebies, and bonuses!

This course will guide you through those detailed questions on how to build your business and create multiple income streams so that you can create continuous revenue, stay organized, and grow your business into a full-fledged brand.

The Influencer Biz Facebook Community

When you enroll in the Influencer Biz, you’ll immediately get lifetime access to the members-only Facebook group made up of influencers just like you who are building their empire! As you are growing your community, be a part of this supportive community of like minded individuals who understand your struggles and will celebrate your triumphs with you. In this Facebook group, you’ll be able to connect with Iesha and your fellow classmates to bounce ideas off of, share updates, ask questions, and grow together.

Meet your business mentor

Hi, I’m Iesha, but you can also call me Lesh

I’m a former high school teacher who decided to follow my passion for fashion, beauty, and traveling and become a lifestyle content creator. Currently based in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, I work full-time as a content creator and mom who, on a daily basis, takes pride in engaging and building my community of over 225,000 individuals across my blog and social media channels. 

I’ve been running my business full-time since 2016, but my brand, LivingLesh, has existed since 2014. When I first started, I had no idea what I was getting into and, if you had asked me then, I would never have imagined that my little blog would have grown into a full-fledged business that allowed me to leave my 9-to-5. 

I love helping others and being a mentor to bloggers, creators and influencers because I’m a firm believer that “when you have more than you need, build a bigger table and not a higher fence”. It is my passion to share my knowledge and help others grow their business so they can live their dreams just as I am.

Influencer Biz Course professional influencer course

In the last 2 years, solely,

I’ve generated $150,000+ in profits each year with a yearly growth margin of 10% from my influencer business and have added on 2 additional revenue streams while also adding 3 people to the LivingLesh team.

I won’t sit here and say that it all has been rainbows and butterflies. I’ve struggled and I’ve failed. But I’ve learned from my failures and developed strategies that have brought new growth each year.

You have been struggling too, and you’re looking for the support and the knowledge to get out of your rut. I want to tell you to not give up and that I’ve created this course to guide you and help you to build a strong business plan and strategy to grow your influencer business.

With the strategies, tools, and resources that I am sharing in the Influencer Biz course, I’ve been able to…
  • Generate $75,000+ in net profits each year
  • Become a strong, confident CEO of my own brand with an expanding team
  • Structure my time and workload so that I can accomplish more in less time
  • Secure brand partnerships with top brands such as Olay, Amazon, Disney, Dunkin, Revolve, Secrets Resorts, Toyota, Wendy’s, and more!

And through the Influencer Biz course, I can help you get there too!

Enroll in the Influencer Biz course and gain a lifetime access to all course materials, bonuses, workbooks, and digital templates so that you can begin elevating your passion into a full profitable business.

Let’s put this all into perspective

You’re creating the content and you are loving what you are doing. And as your community is growing, you are feeling enriched with the growth that you are seeing from the work that you’ve been doing all by yourself.

It may be even that brands are beginning to send you emails and offering your partnership opportunities, but it just isn’t enough for you to take your influencing from a hobby to full-time career. I’ve been there. You scroll past posts of people celebrating that they’ve quit their jobs and you just can’t figure out how to do it yourself. So you keep pushing forward and you accept brand deals at rates that are less than your true worth.

What if I told you can do better because you deserve better?

The Influencer Biz Course will allow you to:

If you find yourself saying, “I can’t do this right now”. Ask yourself whether you’re holding off because you don’t think it’s attainable because I’m telling you it is. You don’t want to go another few years with your head down to look up and regret that you didn’t take that journey towards the path to your empire.

What you will learn in the Influencer Biz Course

Influencer Biz Course

This course is broken down into 8 core modules that build upon each other. Starting with establishing the base of your business, you are able to progress through each module in able to move up the “pyramid of success”.

Knowing your brand is the start of building your business and growing it to an influencer empire. We’ll go through the steps of identifying what you brand is and establishing the baseline of your influencer business.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The Key Elements You Need to Build Your Brand
    • Starting with defining your niche, you’ll be able to build your brand down to the specific fonts, colors, and the voice that will span across your social, photography, website, and anything else you build in your business.
  • How to Set Up Your Blog
    • When establishing your website, there are pages that you’ll need. You’ll learn where to start in building your website and all of the essential pages you’ll need to stay legal and to attract a community and brands.
  • Grow Your Community
    • As influencers, we rely on our community to keep our business growing. Learn how to foster and grow an engaged community that will connect with you just as much as you connect with them.
  • How to Create a Strong Media Kit
    • Learn the intricacies of what should be in your media kit that will attract brands and make them say yes as you start sending your pitches.

Running a business comes with dealing with legal. Whether it is contracts for brand campaigns, legal you need to keep a website, or the legal you need to become an LLC, it is something that you can’t avoid and a skill you’ll want to master.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The Basic Terms to Look Out for in Influencer Contracts
    • Tired of looking at legal contracts and not knowing what they mean? You’ll be able to read campaign contracts with confidence and know when a brand is looking to throw something in that you should be compensated for.
  • How to Draft Your Own Legal Documents
    • Often time brand campaigns come with their own contracts, but what if you need to send your own? Use the templates and key knowledge from these lessons to be able to draft your own NDAs, Brand Contracts, and other legal.
  • The Benefits of an LLC
    • As you expand your business, you may want to grow from a sole proprietorship to an LLC. Learn the benefits of an LLC and how to file to become one.

Your time is valuable and, often times, people find themselves overwhelmed with work due to poor time management and a lack of organization within their business. Let’s face it, your time is money and it is time that you got some of it back.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to Automate Some of Your Tasks
    • There are plenty of tools out there to automate some of the administrative tasks that you probably find yourself hating. Learn how to use the tools to benefit you in your business and get back time in your day.
  • Planning Content
    • Content planning is key in keeping yourself organized as an influencer. Brands often notice influencers because of organized content and your community will appreciate when they can predict when new content arrives. Learn skills on planning out content, keeping it organized, and creating a smooth streamline for posting
  • Time Management
    • Learn key productivity skills using a variety of tools and strategies so that you work smarter and not harder in the least amount of time.

In order to maintain strong revenue, you have to have key insight into your own finances. Many influencers begin gaining a six-figure income, but their net profits ends up being only 20% of what they are bringing in because of bad financial organization.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to Organize Your Business Finances
    • Learn key strategies on setting a budget and keeping track of all income and expenses in an organized and automated way.
  • Invoicing
    • Generate invoices and use key strategies to key your money sooner. The bills come the same time every month so you want your invoices to be paid just as quickly as your bills arrive.
  • Taxes & Payroll
    • Learn the basics of keeping your finances organized so that when tax time comes, it is not as stressful to manage and file your taxes.
  • Setting Financial Goals
    • Track your finances and set budgets so that you can achieve your financial goals. Turn your net income to 80% of your overall profits so that you can begin paying off student loan or maybe even buy your dream home.

In order to bring in brand campaigns, you have to perfect your pitch. Even more, you have to know where to look for the right person to pitch to. You can’t always wait for brands to come to you, often times, you have to go looking for them.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • Key Elements of Pitching
    • Discover what makes a strong pitch and what elements you should always have in every pitch that you send in order to get positive responses and secure paid brand partnerships.
  • Negotiation Tactics
    • You may get a lot of brands saying no or only offering gifted product, but with key negotiation tactics you can turn that no into a yes and that gifted products into monetary compensation.
  • How to Get on PR Lists
    • Sometimes the first steps in getting noticed by brands and getting brands reaching out to you for campaigns is to get on PR lists. You’ll learn strategies for identifying PR agencies and how to get yourself onto their lists for future campaigns.
  • Pitching Outside Your Niche
    • Working within your niche is important, but maybe you’re a fashion influencer who wants to pitch a travel brand. You can do it with the right tactics and the right angle.

As an influencer, we take pride in creating content for brand campaigns. Being able to work with top brands such as Dunkin, Revolve, and Secrets Resorts is what influencers love to do and what we pride ourselves in doing in our business.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to Successfully Navigate Brand Campaigns
    • Pitching a brand is one thing, working with them is another, but keeping them coming back is another skill all together. Learn how to build lasting relationships with brands through showing your worth in successful campaigns.
  • What You’re Worth
    • Don’t know what you should be charging for a campaign? Learn how to value your worth and set rates for the specific deliverables in brand partnerships such as whitelisting, usage, and exclusivity.

Brand campaigns are a great way to bring in an income as an influencer, and to be honest, as an influencer it will be the bulk of your revenue, but it doesn’t have to be the only source of revenue. With brand campaigns not being as consistent as we would like, having diversified revenue streams is a way to grow you business and build a larger community.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • Different Ways That Influencers Can Monetize
    • Whether it’s affiliate revenue or selling digital products, you’ll learn the different ways that influencers can make money and the strategies to make them successful.
  • Products that Influencers Can Sell
    • Learn what digital or physical products influencers sell and how you can connect your brand to a successful product. You’ll learn about the tools, pages, and processes you’ll need to sell your product.

As you grow your influencer business, you may consider adding on to your team. Managing a team and being a great CEO takes a certain skill and knowledge of management.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The Benefits of Outsourcing
    • Know the exact ROI you’ll get from outsourcing some of your work and determine what work you can begin to outsource to get back more time in your business so that you can expand further.
  • Whether Having a Manager is Right For You
    • Influencer managers are great to have, but they aren’t always right for everyone. Hear from a manager directly about what a manager can offer you and how you know whether you’re ready to have one.
  • How to Search and Hire Team Members
    • Discover where to look for team members, get templates on job postings, and learn how to go through a successful hiring process so that you avoid any turnover on your team.

Total Value of the Course + All the Bonuses = $4,845

Easy Investment

Enrollment Officially Opens April 29, 2022

Get early access at a 15% discount NOW using code EARLYACC15 on Pay-in-Full Option.

Payment Plan

Two Payments of


Two Payments of $424

Pay in Full

One Payment of


One Payment of $847


Yes. The Influencer Biz is a course designed to show you how to grow your business whether you have a blog or another main platform. There will be some lessons specific to having a blog, and I highly recommend having one for various reasons. If you ever considered having a blog, this course can provide you that foundation to begin building one, but it is not required to have one.
No. This course will show you how to grow and foster your community, but the root of the course is to teach you how to grow your business manage all of the nitty-gritty of the business itself. Having a large following does not directly correlate with a successful business.
100% YES. Though the course will start by taking you through the foundations, the course is focused on showing you how to elevate your business based off of what you already have. You may be wondering how to secure more brand deals, navigate financials, set your business up for long term growth, and level up by building yourself a team. That’s what this course will guide you through doing – not just establishing a brand but giving you to the guidance and tools to level up.
If you enroll in the course during pre-launch, you’ll receive access to Module 1 immediately and then within 4 weeks, you’ll receive access to the remainder of the course. Enrollment after prelaunch gains your access to the entire course and you are feel to work through the content on your own timeline at your own pace, but I suggest tackling one module per week.
You get lifetime access to the course, bonuses, and updates.
With enrollment to the Influencer Biz Course, there is a members-only Facebook group for course students where you’ll be able to ask questions and seek support from me and your fellow students. You’ll also receive six live monthly Q&A sessions with enrollment and have access to special discounts for one-on-one coaching sessions.
You can pay the full one-time price at enrollment or there is a two-payment option where you can pay 50% upfront and the remaining in the next month.
No. The the Influencer Biz course is open for all niches. Though your brand is niche based, business strategies are for everyone.
I will provide you the tools to begin on your journey to fostering an engaged community. How you influence and how you grow is dependent on the work you are willing to put in and time. This course is business focused and will show you how to grow your business without depending on growing your social media following.
I will provide you the tools that I use to search for contacts and how to get them to respond to your emails.
Yes. Though I am super confident that you’ll find exceptional value in the course and it will benefit you in growing your influencer business, the course comes with a 30 day refund policy. Please read the Refund Terms & Conditions for specifics on the refund policy. (

Still have questions you want to ask before you enroll? Email me directly at

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