Our Stay at the Inn at Ocean’s Edge in Maine

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The Inn At Oceans Edge Coastline Lounge Area

The Inn At Oceans Edge Lounge

A visit to Maine has always been on my bucket list. I always saw these gorgeous photos of lighthouses and historical towns that made you feel like it was the most relaxing place in the world. So our recent visit to Camden, Maine was just what the doctor ordered when it comes to having a family experience in which we were able to disconnect, unwind, and have a bonding experience.

For our trip to Camden, Maine, we were invited to stay at the Inn at Ocean’s Edge – a Migis property that brings the comfort of home and the tranquility of the Maine shore. After a scenic drive from the Bangor International airport, we arrived at the Inn where we were pleasantly greeted and provided with a room that seemed like it would be our own bedroom. For those who are not too familiar with staying at an inn, one of the greatest things is that it literally feels like you’re at home.

The Inn At Oceans Edge Room  
The Inn At Oceans Edge Lounge Area 


The accommodations at the Inn at Ocean’s Edge were not only comfortable and homey, but they had a tranquil essence that I can’t even say that I found at home. Our room was right down the hallway connected to the lobby area, and when entering, we were greeted by the ability to make the space our own.

One of my favorite aspects of the room was the sitting area. It was two chairs facing the ocean next to a fireplace. So during the day when our little one needed a little nap, we put him in his pack and play (provided by the inn) and enjoyed a glass of wine with the fireplace on while enjoying the view. It was serene, and I felt as if there was only my husband and I there at that moment with our little guy sleeping in the background – it was a luxe experience that couldn’t really have a price tag connected to it.

The bed in the room was fluffy and just what I like in a bed. It had more than enough pillows, which was a plus for me, and it was spacious enough that during the night when our little guy had enough sleeping in his pack and play, he was able to co-sleep with us without the bed feeling overcrowded.

In the suite, there was also a bathroom with a glass shower, a sink area with a small fridge, and in-room amenities that you would require to make yourself feel comfortable.

The Inn At Oceans Edge Breakfast
The Inn At Oceans Edge Gourmet Breakfast  


Each morning at the Inn, you’ll be able to enjoy a complimentary gourmet breakfast – a sit-down breakfast that will make you feel as if you woke up and walked down the hallway to your own restaurant. Enjoy the seating area inside or sit out on the patio that gives you a view of the ocean, and be served by the most courteous staff while you order breakfast from the daily menu.

During our visit, we were able to enjoy choices such as fresh fruit, bagels and lox, chocolate chip pancakes, parfaits, and omelets made to order. I’m not typically a breakfast person, but I woke up specifically each day bright and early to be able to enjoy the breakfast at the Inn.

The Inn At Oceans Edge Pool

The Inn At Oceans Edge Hot Tub  
The Inn At Ocean Edge Infinity Pool  
Infinity Pool At The Inn At Oceans Edge In Maine  
Infinity Pool Maine  


In the area behind the Inn, you’ll find the pool lounge area – an infinity pool, hot tub, and indoor and outdoor lounge area where you can light a fire in the evening when it gets cooler if you so choose.

I highly enjoyed swimming in the infinity pool because the water temperature was just right, and even after being in there for a little too long and getting cold, I was able to get into the super relaxing hot tub and warm right up so that I could lay in the lounge chairs and enjoy the ambiance. One little note to keep in mind is that if you are traveling with children, the infinity pool is quite deep and I wouldn’t recommend it for children. Immediately upon entering, it’s at four feet and then drops quickly to eight feet. I was able to take our little guy in for a little bit with his floaty on and kept him near the ledge in the four-foot area as there is an area that you can sit on, so he was able to stand. Otherwise, I say take the plunge, literally, you won’t regret it.

The Inn At Oceans Edge Outdoor


At the Inn, you’ll find yourself in an outdoor area that can rival a resort. As someone who has stayed at quite a few resorts, the open area and ocean view at the Inn was pure relaxation. Walking out the back of the main house of the Inn, you’ll walk through a stone pass where you’ll also find sitting areas to sit on the lawn. But if you keep going, you’ll also find a stairway that will take you down to the stoney shore aka “ocean’s edge”.

There is a peace like no other you’ll find on those stones. Its one that I will say is not meant to walk down and run around on, but it is one that if you walk down to sit and find a moment to disconnect with the world around you, you won’t regret the decision that you made to get yourself to the Inn at Ocean’s Edge.

The Inn At Oceans Edge Walk To Ocean  
The Inn At Oceans Edge Ocean Front 
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