The Perks of an Open Neckline

Tips For An Open Neckline
Petite Tips For Looking Taller With An Open Neckline

As someone who has a smaller stature and a short torso, I am constantly looking for pieces that accentuate my favorite features and blur out the ones that I am not too fond of. Over the years, I have added quite a few pieces to my closet that have helped me looked taller. And I have openly shared those tips on how to look taller as a petite in blog posts and on my various social media channels. One of the tips that I share for looking taller as petite is the open neckline. There are so many pieces with an open neckline that you can add to your closet, which is why I wanted to share a little more information on the perks of an open neckline since it does more than just make you look taller.

In my opinion, the open neckline is one of the most flattering and elegant styles that you can wear, especially as a petite woman. It accentuates the neck and shoulders, giving you the appearance of longer lines, making you look taller in the process. Unlike a scoop neck or halter neck, an open neckline accentuates your features in a way that is super flattering and classy. Your jawline, collarbones, and shoulders will be beautifully featured, and the overall look elongates your torso in a great way. Open necklines also just add a fun touch to any closet, whether you’re trying to look taller or not. It’s one of my favorite luxurious styles, and anytime that I find a piece with an open neckline, I find myself falling in love!

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Perks of Open Necklines

Tops or dresses with an open neckline come in a variety of styles. Whether it is off the shoulder, a square neck, or a deep V, you can find open-neck pieces in styles that reflect your luxurious personal style. And though I have talked a lot about the perks of these styles being focused on the petite frame, there are actually a lot of perks for a variety of sizes and body types, and here’s just a few.

Makes Your Statement Jewelry Stand Out – For those who like to wear statement jewelry, an open neckline will make your jewelry the highlight of the entire look since it’s not longer hidden under other pieces of clothing. Try out the multi-necklace trend of layering various pieces of jewelry with tops that have open necklines. Whether you want to pull out a piece that’s bigger than you might normally wear or feature a piece that has significant sentimental or personal meaning to you, an open neckline makes your jewelry really pop.

Your Bust Will Look Amazing – Whether you got little ones or big ones, your bust will be accentuated in the right way. It all just depends on what type of blouse you are wearing. Off the shoulder and deep-V pieces do so well for those who have bigger breasts and the square neck does great for those with smaller ones like me. As women, we have to take the time to discover the styles that are most flattering, but once we land on the right ones, it can change the game! 

Highlights Your Bone Structure – Since there’s not a lot near your face, your face will be focused on a long more and your bone structure will be highlighted. So for those who are spending so much time contouring to make your face look sharper, you’ll love open neckline pieces because the work you put in will be accentuated. Your jawline and cheekbones will really get the chance to shine. Wearing an open neckline top also gives you the opportunity to experiment with contouring your collarbones for a sharper and more defined look that will exude elegance and style.

Elongates the Neck – When there’s nothing around the neck, you’ll definitely make it look longer and less cut off. Think about the look of a dancer – their costumes are designed in such a way so that their neck looks long, elegant, and graceful. That is the look that an open neckling top will give you as well. So if you’re somone who wants a little height or thinks your neck looks small, try shoppping around for a few solid open neckline pieces. You might be amazed at the way in which it changes your self-perception totally!

How to Style an Open Neckline

The fun thing about open necklines is that they are super versatile and can be styled a number of different ways depending on the look that you’re going for and what you need for a specific event. 

When we think of open necklines, the immediate association is for an elegant, upscale look. You can choose a gorgeous dress with an open neckline, or it can be paired with any length of skirt for a look that is classy and refined. However, the great part is that open necklines don’t have to stop there!

In today’s look, I’m styling this open neckline top with one of my favorite pairs of ripped jeans for a look that’s casual, cute, and fun, while still maintaining that elegant touch. As open necklines have increased in popularity, we even see open neckline choices in more casual pieces and extending to activewear – slouchy open neck sweatshirt, anyone? 

The options are limitless – which makes it all the more fun!

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Petite Open Neckline Style Tips
Open Neckline For Petites
Tips For An Open Neckline
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