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No matter where you’re hanging out this summer, it’s time to kick off your summer reading list if you haven’t done so already. I mean, better late then never is what I say. Especially since I am one of the ones who has started later than most. Recently, I decided to kick off a book challenge to read 100 books before the end of the year, I’m on my way but haven’t really made a dent and I’m excited to share that I started a book club: the LivingLesh Book Club – an intimate group that will dive into this challenge and read books that are diverse, captivating, and everything you want them to be (if you’re interested in joining come along to the Facebook group). And from putting the book lists together, I’m sharing some of the books that I’m looking forward to reading as well as the ones that I have already read that I’m suggesting to the group.




White Fragility 300x450

This book has a lot of mixed reviews, but there is no doubt that this book adds to the conversation. For those looking for resources on how to be an ally, here’s one that shares how just being a non-racist is not enough. That there are more steps to be taken to be an ally versus just knowing that racism is bad and being a shoulder to lean.


Mexican Gothic

This novel has the essence of Gothicism and the power of a strong female protagonist. This novel has made it onto my summer reading list and onto the book challenge list that I am doing with my LivingLesh Book Club. From the secrets to the seduction, there’s so much allure that is going to be found in these pages and I’m super excited to read it.

Summer Reading List

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After Novel

I will admit that I wouldn’t have known anything about this book if it wasn’t for Netflix. I stumbled across the movie adaption one day and got sucked into – so much that I watched it about three times amidst reading the books. If you’re one that loves fanfiction or if you were a fan of the Fifty Shades novels then you’ll like this series. It shows love but not in the fairytale, happily falling in love aspect. It shows brokenness and imperfection which is what I think makes it so real and captivating. I loved and hated the relationship of the two leading characters, and I will tell you that the movie isn’t the same as the books. So even if you watch the movie, you need to read the books…all of them. Because you won’t be able to stop.


Dear Martin 300x450

Every once and a while, I’ll grab books for family members – even the ones who don’t like to read because I’m pushy. And for the past eight or so years, I have loved getting books for my niece. She’s not much of a reader, but I like to get her books that she won’t see taught in school. Books that will resonate with her as a middle schooler while also teaching her about different perspectives. This book is one that I believe all young readers and even adults read since it shares the story of the main character, Justyce, as he navigates the world that stills judges him for the color of his skin.

Books For Summer Reading
Book List For Beach Reading


A Yellow Raft On Blue Water 300x450

I had read this book in college and was so captivated by it that when it was time to talk about it in class, I basically took over the entire lecture. The multi-perspective novel tells the story of three Native American women from different points in time. Entertwined by familial bonds, they learn about each other even through moments of misunderstanding and broken trust. Each chapter bared new secrets and left me wanting to keep reading so that I could understand these women even more. I felt as if I was a part of the story, listening to them and learning about them and from them.


On The Come Up 300x452

First, if you haven’t read The Hate U Give, then you need to start there. Angie Thomas’s writing is truthful, real, and teaches you in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re being taught but you’re understanding new experiences. This is her second novel and tells the story of a girl who wants to become the greatest rapper of all time. But just like many things, her words are misconstrued and she finds herself the middle of a controversy with hard decisions that she must make.

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