Tips for Dressing for In-Between Weather

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As Summer has come to a close and Autumn has begun, we are now in the awkward time where it’s cooler on most of the days, but then we get those random days where it decides to feel like summer again. You also can get those days where it starts off cooler, and then around the middle of the day, it gets a whole lot warmer than you had planned, only to drop in temperature at it gets later into the evening. It’s those days that cause the most problems when it comes to trying to figure out what to wear, but it doesn’t have to be that stressful. When it comes to dressing for the in-between weather, there are ways that you can transition your wardrobe to make it super easy to dress for the changing seasons.


No matter where you live, there are those times when the weather just fluctuates. Even in the states that are mostly summer all year round, you still get those days that start off cooler and then get really warm or vice versa. Like most of us, we dress according to the forecast, which can be wrong from time to time. What’s even more difficult is when you look at the forecast for another area that you’re traveling to, and you happen to not pack exactly what you need for when the weather fluctuates. And many of us have found ourselves in the situation where we are underdressed and end up being cold, or we are overdressed and wish we could take layers off that would put us down to our underwear. To avoid those situations, here are a few tips for dressing for the in-between weather.

  • Go With a Long Sleeved Dress – Then if it gets too warm you can roll up your sleeves while still staying comfortable.
  • Wear Layers That You Can Remove – This is probably the most obvious tip. Layer up in the morning and then as it gets warmer, just start removing layers. Then, if it gets cooler again, you can put them right back on.
  • Go Short Up Top and Long On the Bottom or Vice Versa – You can go with pants and a short-sleeved top, so that if you get cold, you can throw a jacket on. Or, a trending look, is wearing sweaters and shorts. It’ll keep your core warm even if your legs start to get a little cold.
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