Back to School – Toddler Separation Anxiety

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Toddler separation anxiety is more common than you may think. Being a working mom in the 21st century is no easy task and is a constant learning experience. As some toddlers head back to daycare, preschool, or Pre-K with ease and excitement, some toddlers dread that day. With the little ones who go through separation anxiety, the first day of back to school and the days following end up being filled with tears and tantrums, which can be hard for parents.

While parents may be feeling a mixture of emotions, from relief to sadness, toddlers are likely to experience one thing – separation anxiety. Toddler separation anxiety is a perfectly normal part of development. It is their way of showing that they need their parents and will need a bit of patience and understanding. I’m excited to share how the rollercoaster of emotions went for me and how I was able to navigate it.

The good news is that there are things that parents can do to help their toddlers deal with separation anxiety. In this episode, we discuss dealing with back-to-school separation and anxiety and tips for getting through those tearful days. 


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