A Day Tour Through the Grand Bahamas

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Bahamas Jeep Tour

Bahamas Jeep Tour

During our cruise with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, we had a one day stop-over on the Grand Bahamas Island. So, instead of staying on the boat or just at the port, we went on a day excursion around the island and were able to take part in the one thing that I have always had on my bucket list – a Jeep Tour with an off-road experience. I mean, who hasn’t dreamed of off-roading in a Jeep? Our itinerary was put together by Visit the Bahamas and it was one that is defintely for the books.

Our Jeep Safari Tour on the Grand Bahamas Island took us first around the island to take a look at some of the more known and famous areas of the Grand Bahamas. Our convoy, lead by a very entertaining tour guide, allowed us to see the main places to shop, where the rich people live, and taught us about the history of the island in regards to how the island’s economy came to be, how the government is run, and how things are managed and manufactured on the island.

After a tour of the island, we drove over and stopped at the Lucayan National Park, which was absolutely beautiful. At the park, you can experience a number of ecosystems and walk down into the caves to see the water, some of the wildlife (if you catch any), and learn about the history of the Lucayan people – who are the natives of the Grand Bahamas island. Fun fact – in the caves at the park, many Lucayan artifacts and remains were found. Now, there wasn’t a definite answer of where those artifacts and remains are now, but we can assume they are in a museum somewhere where people can learn about the history of the Grand Bahamas.

After a walk around the park and through the caves, we were able to have some beach time across the street from the park. And you all know how much I love the beaches of the Caribbean. The waters are so blue and the beaches are kept so well. No boardwalks or people driving ATVs down the coast. Instead, you have serene, natural beaches where you can sit and relax and enjoy the view and the sound of the ocean waves.

Soon it was off to lunch, because you know that I need to eat, and lunch was at the Garden of the Groves – a beautiful botanical garden where there are plenty of birds, plant life, and waterfalls to see. The beauty was beyond what my heart could handle, and I was so connected to the sights that I forgot that I had a camera to take pictures. In the botanical garden there is also a small cute chapel in the gardens that we were able to visit.

Eventually the Jeep Tour ended and we took our final stops to do some shopping at the Port Lucaya Marketplace and visit the Perfume Factory – which, oddly, just looks like a house. But they actually do manufacture the perfumes there.

At the end of it all, we were so happy to have visited the picturesque Grand Bahamas Island during our two-night cruise with Bahamas Paradise Cruiseline. I highly reccomend that when you book your cruise, that you make sure to book your day excursion on the island right then and there so that you can take advantage of seeing the sights of the Grand Bahamas.

Grand Bahamas Jeep Tour

Grand Bahamas Jeep
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Grand Bahamas National Park
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Bahamas Couples Vacation
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Thank you to Visit the Bahamas for putting together this day excursion for us and hosting us on the Grand Bahamas Island. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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