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You all know that I love to travel. Even when I am not posting about it here or on social media, I am traveling more often than I am not. For me, even the short trips to the shore are great travel experiences. Sometimes, just getting away from the normal scenery is a trip to me. But when I get to go further than a few hours away, I get even more excited. Next week, around this time, I will be packing for a short trip with hubby and I can’t wait to reveal to you our experience and some other exciting news!



I get so excited about traveling that I like to share the places that I have been or want to go in my own day-to-day fashion. Now, the Italy shirt that I snagged from H&M that I am wearing is not a hint of where we are going in the next week. Honestly, it isn’t even a trip that we are planning to take this year, but hubby and I are saving up for this trip so that we can take it hopefully in the next couple of years. We had set up plans to take the trip to Italy last summer, but instead, we decided to buy a housePriorities, right?

As you all know, one of the biggest things that I always share when it comes to fashion is to make sure that your fashion represents you. So, if you love to travel, wear it on your sleeve. There are so many fashionable tees that share where you have been, where you want to go, and maybe where you’re dreaming to go if it actually existed. [I mean, I know that Universal has Hogwarts, but I want to head to the real one and sit in one of the classes. You know, get my acceptance letter and head to the train at Station 9 3/4.]

But regardless, travel in fashion, travel with fashion, wear travel. Travel!

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