Trend Alert: Rompers That Look Like Dresses

Romper Dress

Dress Romper

You may have heard me say it before, but I’m going to say it again, I adore rompers. Even though they are a hassle to get in and out of when you have to use the bathroom, they are also some of the cutest pieces that I have in my luxe wardrobe. There are so many prints and styles that rompers come in and one of the styles that I want to focus on specifically are the rompers that are styled so precisely that they actually look like dresses.




Rompers have been an ever-evolving trend and I have to admit that I am loving everything about it. Each season, I feel as if I see new ways that brands are taking the romper and adding new and varying elements to them to make them look more attractive and act as standalone pieces.

Though it has been a trend that has been around for a while, rompers that look like dresses are beginning to become a huge trend that is overtaking the normal look of the shorts look. As a person who absolutely adores dresses (dresses are the majority of my closet to be completely transparent), having rompers that look like dresses gives me the look that I want as well as the functionality to be able to chase around my little guy. With my munchkin, I need to be able to bend down and run at certain points, and with short dresses, I wasn’t able to, but with a romper, I can do that.

On a recent Summer closet restock, I found this tie-front romper that looks like a two-piece top and skirt and it’s been such a hit. I love how I can wear it to be the centerpiece of the outfit and not have to worry about finding different pieces to elevate the look, because rompers tend to be an elevated style already. From the front of this outfit, you can barely tell that this is a romper, but from the back, it becomes a little more apparent. If you’re looking for a romper that looks completely like a dress, I have recently had my eye on this adorable blue romper that I would be surprised if someone actually was able to determine it was a romper at first glance.

What’s your opinion on the romper trend? Are you someone that likes wearing rompers or do you tend to stray away from them?

Pink Romper
Revolve Superdown Wrap Romper
Revolve Pink Romper
Romper Dress
Superdown Pink Romper
Superdown Wrap Romper
Superdown Wrap Romper In Pink
Wrap Romper In Pink
Wrap Romper
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