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Whenever I RSVP for wedding, one of the many thoughts that runs through my head is: “What am I going to wear?” For quite some time now, I have really be loving wearing a two piece set to a wedding because it just adds so many different elements and it allows me to switch things up from time to time. When wearing a two piece set as a wedding guest, you’re given the ability to move a little more, show off a little skin, and wear the different parts of the set with other pieces so that you don’t feel like the set is only something you can wear to a wedding.

There are many advantages to wearing a two piece set depending on the occasion that you’re wearing it for. Depending on the type of wedding you are attending, you can opt to wear a two piece set where the bottom is a skirt or you can even wear a two piece set where the bottoms are a pair of pants. I have seen quite a lot of wedding guests who’ve elected for the two piece wedding guest outfit that has a pant bottom and the look is absolutely stunning. So to give you some inspiration, I have provided some advantages for wearing a two piece set to a wedding and some selects to shop from.

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For any summer wedding that you are attending, whether it’s now, next year, or years from now, wearing a two piece set to an outdoor wedding is a highly recommended go-to for a wedding guest outfit. There are many out there that think two-piece sets aren’t as classy and formal as you want them to be. But as you can see by this set from Revolve, those people are absolutely wrong. There are so many options for two-piece outfits that are perfect if you’re a wedding guest and don’t show too much skin.

The advantage of wearing a two-piece set for an outdoor wedding is that, if it’s hot like it typically is during the summer, you’re not as covered up and you won’t feel overtaken by your clothing. The cooler that you feel, the better time that you’ll have at the wedding. Plus, you’ll be more willing to get up and dance rather than sitting at the table because it’s so hot and you don’t feel like moving.

Additionally, two-piece sets, as a wedding guest outfit, give you more movement and don’t make you feel as constrained. We all get that feeling when we are sitting down in a dress and the dress feels like it’s pulling at the neck, shoulders, or around your back because of how you’re sitting. So there you are, constantly adjusting throughout the ceremony because you feel uncomfortable. Well, with two pieces you won’t have that problem at all, and honestly, I’ve even been wearing two-piece sets for indoor weddings no matter the season.

When you’re more comfortable at a wedding, you become a better wedding guest. You’re able to celebrate with the happy couple and enjoy all of the reception. So instead of worrying about how constrained you feel in your outfit, focus on how you’re going to beat the groom’s Uncle Willy in that dance-off he’s been challenging you to.

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