What Types of Ear Cuffs Are For You?

Feminine Types Of Ear Cuffs For You

Ear Cuffs are the hottest new accessory trend that is here and we are all about it! If you are looking to spruce up your jewelry collection and try something new, a cuff or two may be just the thing you need! Ear Cuffs are great for so many great reasons. Are you afraid of commitment to an ear piercing? Are you scared of needles? Do you want to test out some ear jewelry without the immediate dedication to a new ear piercing quite yet? Ear Cuff earrings are here to give you the ultimate freedom of style from the top to bottom of your ear without any hassle or pain of needles. An ear cuff earring can be as simple or as flashy as you would like it to be. Cuff earrings are great in being a “one-size fits all” fashion statement, but did you know all of the various styles of ear cuff earrings you can choose from? There are many more ways to style your ear jewelry than just a simple stud, hoop or dangle. The different Types of Ear Cuffs you are able to choose from will allow you to find the perfect look for any style you want to rock. Ear Cuffs are the up and coming hottest fashion trend that you do not want to miss. If you are one to naturally tuck your hair behind the ear type of gal, this piece of jewelry will have your ear looking fabulous! No more boring ear tucks! An Ear Cuff is also a fantastic gift for any friend, niece, sister or mother that you admire. It is a unique piece of jewelry that they will not forget. Jewelry shopping is always a great bonding moment between us girls. Grab your gal pal and head to your local mall for some ear cuff searching to find your favorite styles! Without further ado, are you ready to learn the different styles of Ear Cuffs to choose from? Read on for all the details!

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Ear Cuffs are similar to earrings but without going directly through the ear, they are a temporary ear jewelry piece. They are designed in an open circle shape to hold onto the cartilage or skin of the ear to make it look like a real piercing. With there being multiple Types of Ear Cuffs, the style choices are endless. Ear Cuffs can come in various thicknesses, they can have embellishments, jewels, sparkles, feathers, beads, chains and dangles. They can be worn in many various areas on your ear such as the Helix, Lobe, Rook, Conch and Scaffold. Wherever on your ear that you would like to add some flare, it is able to hold a fun stylish Ear Cuff. There are enough choices of ear cuffs out there to shop from for you to be able to find the one that fits your fashion statement desires the best. Next up, why try an ear cuff?

WHY TRY AN Ear Cuff?

Ear Cuffs are the new rage in jewelry accessories of late and for a good reason! Ear Cuff Ear Jewelry is a fantastic way to show off some extra flare without the commitment or investment of getting your ears pierced. If you are one that tends to tuck your hair behind your ear, these temporary jewelry pieces will be so fun to add a little flare to your style. No more boring hair ear tucks! The Ear Cuff makes the ultimate jewelry box staple to add to your collection to spice up for your everyday look or a special occasion.

Ear Cuffs can be worn in multiple ways from the top to the bottom of your ears. They are very comfortable (if you don’t pinch them too tight) for convenient all day wear. If you are thinking of getting a piercing but want to test it out first, or simply just scared of needles, the Ear Cuff is here just for that. Allowing you to play with the placement around your ear with the different Types of Ear Cuffs to see what you like before the committed decision to get pierced. 

here are 3 main Types of Ear Cuffs that you can explore;

  • Behind The Ear Cuff
  • Classic Ear Cuff
  • Piercing to Ear Cuff

Read on to learn more about each style!


Behind the Ear Cuff also could be called an ear wrap. It is like a big hug for the entire back of your ear or multiple parts of your ear. These Ear Cuffs are usually bigger statement pieces to stand out. Behind the Ear Cuffs can have one or two elements to it that are seen from the top, bottom or the entirety of the ear. They are an exquisite amalgamation between utility, luxury and beauty. Behind the Ear Cuffs come in two particular styles; one being simply placed around the ear, second is using one lobe piercing and the majority of the cuff cupped around the upper part of the ear. These are extremely fun during Halloween or music festivals to show off some elf ears or extra bling while having your hair up and out of the way. See links below of my favorite Behind the Ear Cuffs;


The Classic Type of Ear Cuff is what you mostly see and may envision when you think of an Ear Cuff. This cuff type is designed in an open circle shape to hold onto the cartilage or skin of the ear to make it look like a real piercing. It is called the Classic for a reason, it can be as simple as a little hoop earring or it can be immaculately detailed with embellishments. The Classic Ear Cuff is fully adjustable and holds on by gently squeezing the ring around the desired part of your ear. They are very comfortable to wear (if you don’t pinch them too tight) for convenient all day use. These Classic Ear Cuffs can be worn in many areas of the ear

such as the Helix, Lobe, Rook, Conch and Scaffold. Wherever on your ear that you would like to add some flare to is able to hold an Ear Cuff. Pair a Classic Ear Cuff with some hoop earrings for some extra fun! If you have a daughter or niece that is wanting their ears pierced, the classic ear cuffs placed on the lobe is a fantastic way to test out how they like wearing them before that major commitment. Plus you can have a bonding moment going to your local mall and picking out your favorite styles! See below for ear placement and links to my favorite Classic Ear Cuffs. 


The Piercing to Ear Cuff is the best of both worlds for your ear styling. Personally I think it adds the most flash and fun out of all the different types of ear cuffs to choose from. If you already have an earlobe piercing and are looking for something a little extra in your jewelry choice of the day with some extra spiciness, the Piercing to Ear Cuff style is here just for that. It is a regular Ear Lobe Piercing with a chain attached to a Classic Ear Cuff that then you are able to fit on any desired place of your ear. This style of cuff is the perfect design to add some punk to your look. A Piercing to Ear Cuff style can go hand in hand with the Behind the Ear Cuff as well. The options are endless! They can be as basically designed or extraordinarily created for any statement you want to make. Fare warning to Piercing to Ear Cuff styles though. Be sure that you do your hair BEFORE putting this ear jewelry on, the chain or connective piece is easy to get caught in brushes and fingers. See links below for my favorite styles of Piercing to Ear Cuffs.

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Now I can’t talk about Ear Cuffs without talking about the different QUALITY options on the market. Never forget that during your search for any new jewelry pieces especially for the Type of Ear Cuff that fits your style needs, do not forget to also shop for a piece that is made of good quality materials and metals. The price really does tell a lot about the quality of the jewelry you are looking at. The cheaper the piece usually indicates cheaper quality of materials which may cause some skin itching and irritation. Be sure to avoid a seller that supplies materials such as Copper, Nickel, Brass and Bronze. These metals may cause irritation to your skin, turn your skin green and make the wear of your jewelry very uncomfortable. For best results in your jewelry, especially ear cuffs and earrings, look for these materials instead; Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver or any other Hypoallergenic Metals. As a recap, good quality jewelry will be a little bit more in price, but it will be well worth it to be able to rock any Type of Ear Cuff all day long without extra uncomfortable hassle.

Now that you are an expert in the different Types of Ear Cuffs, what style are you going to wear for your next occasion?

Feminine Types Of Ear Cuffs For You
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