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Being a bride is one of the most fantastic things in life. Throughout this journey, my fiancé and I have began to focus on our relationship and the family that we want to build. We’ve talked about children, where we are going to live, our short-term and long-term goals…we’ve talked about everything that a couple who is binding themselves together should be talking about. And I mean EVERYTHING! As we move forward towards our wedding and planning our honeymoon, I’ve been stocking up on lingerie, and recently I snagged some pieces from Unbound Lingerie.

Now, ladies, this is where I am about to get very intimate with you. 

Through our conversations, I’ve learned many things about my man. I’ve learned that after three years our intimate lives have gotten a little bit down played. So, in this time as a bride, I figured that it would be the best time to start collecting the best pieces to make sure that things get a lot more “spicier” after we say ‘I do’.

Finding bridal lingerie is somewhat difficult. Of course, you see it everywhere. But not every piece is for every woman. I try to be very particular with what I purchase. I need it to make me feel sexy but not drown my petite frame like many pieces do.

Recently, I found a few perfect pieces from a lingerie store – you can see my picks on the perfect bridal lingerie and how to find them here – but after I found those pieces, I wanted the gift wrapping.

Let me explain.

On Christmas morning, you don’t just come downstairs and the presents are just laid out unwrapped. No, they are neatly decorated in the elegant wrapping, leaving the mystery to what is inside.

You get where I am going?

After finding my bridal lingerie, I wanted that gift wrapping. Something that adds a little mystery to the fun of what is underneath. This is where Unbound comes in.

Unbound is a sexual lifestyle company for women. They have subscription boxes and fun toys for women to introduce into the bedroom. What I found thrilling about Unbound is that they also carry a bridal line.

Searching through their bridal collections, I was very excited to find all the things that I could use to add a little spice to married life. It was fun. And after a few hours of looking through it all, I found my prefect gift wrapping – a Bridal Lace Robe from Hanky Panky – found under the Bridal section on their website.

This alluring lace robe is just the gift wrapping that I was looking for. Its soft to wear and makes me feel extra sexy when wearing it. To me, that’s important.
Unbound Bridal Robe Unbound Bridal Bridal Wear Hanky Panky Robe

Thank you Unbound NYC for sponsoring this post. Opinions are 100% my own.

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