How to Style Utility Pants for Women

How To Style Abercrombie Utility Pants

Whether you call them cargo pants or utility pants, the style is making a big comeback and you may find yourself thinking how do you style these pants to fit your personal style. So it’s time to talk about how to style utility pants for women.

Cargo pants were a big trend in the 90s and as we are seeing, those 90s trends are making a big comeback with the classic looks taking a new modern turn. One thing that has changed about these pants is that they are less like the men’s style with the bulky pockets that stuck out even when there was nothing in the pockets. With the women’s styles, the pants are now more form fitting and accentuate the curves of every woman.

I’ve talked about wearing utility pants, and why they are great for petite women, previously because I adore the style. And now as the trend is coming back and expanding, we are seeing new styles that included exaggerated wide legs, different fabrics and prints, along with different shapes and high-waisted looks. The different styles are just amazing and there are so many options of women of different frames.

I’ve been loving the modernization of the classic 90s style that is making a huge comeback. So in this post, I’m going to be sharing a few ways that you can style utility pants for women while also sharing a few top styles that you can grab and add to your closet.

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How To Style Utility Pants Women


When looking to style your utility pants, there are a number of things that you can do, but just keep in mind you are bringing a 90s style to the modern day. So for those who are millennials and remember this style, you can even style the cargo pants with some other modern 90s trends that have resurfaced to bring together you’re entire look. Below, I’ve provided some top style tips for styling utility pants for women.

    Utility pants for women typically come in plain colored styles. You’ll find some in different prints, but you’ll often see them in one tone. Add a pop of color in your top. Some popular styles are graphic tees, tie-dye shirts, and colored button downs.
    There are some utility pants for women that come in two tones or have other special prints and details. Style a basic top with those type of cargo or utility pants and change up your stylish looks.
    Combat boots are great to style with utility pants. The style of pants is already a “work woman” rugged style, so adding those combat boots just brings up the trend. You can go with some plain black combat boots are combine this style tip with the first and go with combat boots that bring a pop of color.
    With utility pants now coming in high-waisted, pair your pants with a crop top or bra top and show off a little skin. The crop top brings a warm weather chic look that also adds a feminine sultry flair.
    If you’re going for something a little more sophisticated, pair your cargo pants with a button down top. You can wear the button up in a variety of ways – full tuck, half tuck, or even wide opened paired with a crop top for a layered look. Also make sure to add in a belt to bring the entire look together.
    If you’re going to up the feminine aspect of the look, cuff the hem and add a pair of heels. The rugged look of the utility pants paired with showing off some ankle and a pair of high heels is a great chic look that you’ll have people drooling over.

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