A Simple Valentine’s Day Spent At Home

Babblebox Valentine Day

Babblebox Valentine Day

Earlier this week, I shared with you all the decision as to why my husband and I aren’t buying each other gifts this Valentine’s Day and other gift giving holidays to come. It’s a small lifestyle change for us that is going to hugely benefit us in the long run. Recently, we also sat down and talked about how we would like to spend our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, and similar to how we spent my birthday, we just want to do something that reflects our lifestyle and who we are as a couple. We both are slightly homebodies. We do like to go out on occasion and spend time with our friends, but nowadays when someone suggests going to the bar, we take a long pause and think whether we really want to go out into that cold air. Summers are better for us. So this Valentine’s Day, other than going to see the new Fifty Shades movie by my request, we will be spending Valentine’s Day cuddled up and just enjoying some good food and each other’s company.

Edible Arrangements

Now, I’m a sucker for chocolate and my husband has the biggest sweet tooth that you can ever find. Talking to many of our friends, we have found out that this is not a rare occurrence which is why the Valentine’s Day gifts from Edible Arrangements is a must-give gift that is not only fit for those nights in, but for any type of way that you are celebrating.

After dinner, hubby and I are definitely going to indulge in our ‘I Love You Swizzle Berries’. The box of delicious chocolate covered strawberries is delivered right to your door accompanied by an adorable teddy bear and balloon. We enjoyed the delivery so much that we began eating the box of strawberries before we even got to breakfast. (Sorry, not sorry). The strawberries are so fresh and juicy, and the chocolate is not terribly overwhelming so you can actually enjoy the flavor of the strawberries.

We are trying our hardest not to eat the rest of them until Valentine’s Day, but whose to say it will actually make it to the 14th.

Galentine Snacks

My hubby and I are addicted to snacking. It is such a bad habit but we balance it out by me sending him to the gym. After coming back from a matinée movie, we will most likely chill on the couch and binge watch another show on Netflix while indulging in some Popcorn, Indiana Kettlecorn and a few bottles of Traveler’s Shandy. I’m not much of a beer drinker because I don’t like the taste, but I do enjoy the flavors of this shandy since it takes more like the fruit than actual beer. I have a lot of friends who are similar and like the taste of something a little sweet over the beer flavor, so this is something that I would definitely recommend to those who enjoy a fruit flavor.  And the kettlecorn is such a great balance of sweet and salty – a similar theme that matches my husband and I’s relationship. Both of us go between being sweet and salty…it all depends on the day.

Chesapeake Bay

Another little insight to our household is that we are big on candles. I do not like having those fluorescent lights blasting in our apartment. It’s either natural light or candlelight for me. So we will probably light our Chesapeake Bay candle and enjoy the passionate fragrance. My husband even enjoys the scents that I often buy. When our candles die, he’s actually the first one to mention that we need another candle. The love + passion scent has the exact aroma that I would choose to have for our Valentin’s Day in.

Lace Bra

Then of course, you cannot have a Valentine’s Day without a little lingerie. My husband let’s me know that he enjoys it when I am comfortable. His favorite pieces of mine are actually my satin night gowns that I wear. He likes the lace detail and the smoothness of the pieces. So this set from Maidenform is perfect because I’m comfortable wearing it and I know he’ll enjoy the lace detail that adds a little spice.

Chesapeake Bay Candle

We are so looking forward to our night in just enjoying each other’s company. We’ve had such a fantastic first year of marriage, and this Valentine’s Day is going to be another amazing memory that we can mark as a highlight of this first year as the Vincents.

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