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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means that we’ve come to another year of celebrating love (which you should be celebrating all year round). That means it’s time to start ordering those very thoughtful gifts, grabbing the cards and candies before they are pretty much sold out in the store, and making those dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant before they book up and only have reservations available at 2pm and 10pm. Then once those bigger plans are made, then it’s time to start figuring out what you’re going to wear. I’m going to be sharing some Valentine’s Day inspired outfits over the next few weeks, and today, I’m starting with a sultry outfit that is perfect for a Valentine’s Day day date. 



In the past years, my husband and I have often planned our dates for later in the evening. We would start off with happy hour, especially if Valentine’s Day fell on a weekday that wasn’t Friday, and then head to dinner and then maybe end the night with a few more drinks at one of our favorite local bars. But this year is going to have to be slightly different since we are now parents and our typical babysitters will be spending Valentine’s Day with their significant others.

This year, we will be planning a day date in order to not interfere with other’s plans and to also give us time as a couple to focus on each other and our marriage, because we are big advocates of being parents but not just being labeled as solely parents. That’s why I always say that it’s important to have a date night in a marriage, even after the baby has arrived.

When planning out your outfit for a day date, the first big thing is that you want to make sure that you’re going to be comfortable. Your date will mostly be over dinner, so wear something that is not too tight so that you don’t feel confined when you indulge in that chocolate cake that the restaurant made oh-so-perfectly for the occasion.

You also want to wear something that fits perfectly to you. With this sultry dress, I felt that it gave me the space to be able to eat while also fitting to my body and making me feel sexy for the day date. I especially enjoy the high slit so that I can show off a little leg and have the dress have a little movement when I walk.

This would be the perfect dress for many sizes since it also works for taller and “average” heights and is form fitting to the size that you would order yourself. The chest area lets you take control to adjust to whether you have a smaller chest or a larger chest, or if you just want to show off your friends or keep them covered up.

Pair this dress with some over the knee boots in black or even brown and you’re set for your Valentine’s Day day date.

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