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Valentine’s Day is almost here, and time is ticking to plan out the perfect gift for your special someone. Valentine’s Day is all about showing the ones you love just how much you care, and it’s important to take the time to actually think through a gift instead of snagging something at the last minute. Roses are a classic Valentine’s Day gift – but what if you thought a little bit outside the box this year with your Valentines Day rose ideas?

When you go with a more creative gift for a special day like Valentine’s Day, it shows your loved one that you really took the time and put in the effort to make sure that you give them something they will truly love instead of just snagging a box of chocolates the morning of February 14th. People deserve to feel loved, and with a little creativity, you can do just that. Read on for my best Valentines Day rose gift ideas to make your holiday one to remember.


The rose has long since been considered to be the most romantic of all flowers – specifically the red rose. In Greek mythology, it was said that Aphrodite – the goddess of love – was so beautiful, roses sprang from the ground wherever she walked. Ever since, roses have been the flower most linked to romance, love, and passion. It was Shakespeare’s favorite flower, and used often in his works. Disney lovers will automatically associate roses with the classic tale Beauty and the Beast, and nothing is more romantic than a trail of rose petals leading down the aisle at a wedding.

Roses are the quintessential flower of love, making them the standard choice for all things Valentine’s Day. Bouquets of red roses are a common Valentine’s Day gift, and for good reason – not only are they classically romantic; they’re a stunningly beautiful flower that brightens any space. Roses are always thought of as the primary Valentine’s Day flowers, and let’s be honest – haven’t we all dreamed of receiving a flower delivery of a gorgeous rose bouquet?

But sometimes, you want to think outside the box. Red roses are incredibly popular, but why not switch things up a bit and do something new and fresh? You can still give a rose-inspired gift for Valentine’s Day while adding a little bit of variety. That’s why I’m writing this post for you today – to give you a list of some fantastic rose-inspired gifts for Valentine’s Day that will make your special someone feel loved and cherished.

And hey – if by the time you reach the end of this post, you find that you’re still wanting to stick with the tried and true option, give your loved one a beautiful bouquet of red roses. I can guarantee they will love it, and this romantic gesture will mean so much. If you can’t decide until the last minute, you can always swing for a same day flower delivery service to get a Valentine’s Day delivery.

If you want to give flowers but are considering deviating from tradition just a bit, you could also consider giving your loved one a different color of flower. Pink roses come in a variety of beautiful shades, and can be a fun deviation from the standard red. Yellow roses are also beloved by many, but be sure to make your intentions clear – this flower is often associated with friendship, so if you want to keep things romantic, just know you might have to add an extra touch to get your feelings across. Whatever style you go for this Valentine’s Day, it’s the thought that matters, so take the time to think through what will make your loved one feel seen and cherished.



Here are my top ideas for the best Valentines Day rose gift ideas to give to a loved one this February. Whether you want to go with something classic or unique, nostalgic, fun, or personal, there are options on this list for everyone, and you’re sure to find the perfect Valentines Day rose gift. Read on to discover your favorite!


This gift absolutely screams romance – a preserved red rose that will last for anywhere from three to five years, accompanied by a silver heart necklace hidden inside. I love the symbolism of eternal love associated with the preserved rose, and the dainty silver necklace is tucked away as the perfect surprise. It’s a beautiful keepsake that will be cherished.


There are few tales more magical than the story of Beauty and the Beast – a tale as old as time. The Beast, transformed long ago from Prince to monster due to his unkind behavior, has until the last petal falls on the enchanted rose to love someone and earn their love in return before becoming a Beast for all time. Every romantic loves watching Belle and the Beast learn to care for, respect, and eventually love each other, and the rose remains a symbol of their love through it all. Give an “enchanted rose” to the one YOU love for a truly magical Valentines Day rose gift that they will never forget. The roses within this beautiful dome are wrapped in twinkle lights, emitting a gentle glow that will make every space a little more beautiful.


Jewelry is a classic gift for Valentine’s Day because the recipient can wear it for years to come as a token of your love. This 18k gold necklace is hand stamped with a rose, serving as a beautiful reminder of love and devotion that will never fade. It’s a stunning, simple piece that will go with any outfit for any occasion, making it a gift that your beloved is certain to love.


If you’re looking for a thoughtful alternative to roses this Valentine’s Day, consider giving your loved one a bottle of rose scented perfume. Light, elegant, and tranquil, rose is a beautiful scent, and a rose perfume is sure to be a hit this Valentine’s Day. After all, who doesn’t want the luscious scent of roses following them throughout their day?


If your gift recipient loves to spend time in the kitchen, a beautiful rose cookie stamp could be the perfect gift for them to put love on the menu this Valentine’s Day. I’m obsessed with the dainty elegance of this stamp and how beautifully the cookies turn out. It has an old school vintage flair that creates such lovely cookies, and is sure to be a hit for anyone who loves to spend an afternoon baking the day away.


Looking for something this Valentine’s Day that serves as both a gift and a date night all in one? Give your loved one this LEGO rose set and spend a cozy date night at home assembling this quintessential Valentine’s Day flower together. It’s a fun way to spend some quiet quality time together, and the finished product can be displayed as both a reminder of the fun time you spent together as well as your love – built with time and enduring.


Fill your home with the scent of rose all year long with this fresh rose scented candle from Yankee Candle. This long lasting soy wax candle is ten ounces and will burn for anywhere from 40-65 hours, leaving a stunning fragrance wafting behind. I love how pretty this candle is – its light pink color would look beautiful displayed anywhere in your home.


Let your love keep you warm this Valentine’s Day – literally. This blanket by Betsey Johnson is patterned with pink roses and could not be prettier. It’s reversible, lightweight, and beautifully designed with a classic rose pattern. I think that this blanket is just stunning, and would look great in so many spaces throughout your home. It’s perfect to cozy up with on the cold winter days of February, and would make a fantastic gift for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.


The rose teddy bear is a massively popular gift for Valentine’s Day. It combines two classic Valentine’s Day gifts – a bouquet of roses and a teddy bear – into a unique and thoughtful gift that your loved one will remember. Crafted from artificial roses, this bear can be displayed forever as a token of the love that you share. Elegant and romantic, it makes for a perfect gift, so be sure to consider it as you shop for Valentine’s Day this year.


The best Valentine’s Day roses are the ones that never fade, and the timeless beauty of this elegant silver rose hair clip will stick with your gift recipient for all time. With delicately handcrafted artistry, this hair clip will turn an everyday hairstyle into a beautiful work of art in just mere seconds. It’s lightweight and comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about pulling, yanking, or snagging, and it can be dressed up or down for upscale or everyday wear. Made of high quality materials so that it will be resistant to fading or tarnishing, this clip would be a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day.


It’s no secret that there’s one major downside to giving someone flowers for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and, of course, Valentine’s Day – eventually, they will wither and die and have to be thrown away. However, with a flower preservation kit, they can be saved and cherished for all time. If you’re in the habit of giving flowers regularly, consider switching it up with a gift that will allow your loved one to save their beautiful blooms. With this kit, flowers can be pressed, dried, saved, and enjoyed forever. And hey – you might as well give a beautiful love bouquet along with this gift so that your loved one has a chance to start using it right away!


A bouquet of beautiful red roses is a luxurious gift, but if you want to up the luxury this Valentine’s Day and make the holiday one to remember, consider giving your loved one a stunning gold dipped rose this year. Dipped in 24 karat gold, this gold plated rose is completely and utterly romantic, and comes with a stand so that it can easily be displayed year round. Every rose – like every relationship – is different and unique, making this a one of a kind gift that will be cherished. Each rose is handmade, and takes three months to be crafted to perfection. This makes it an ideal gift for a memorable holiday.


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