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Valentine Day

Valentine Day

I adore Valentine’s Day. It’s a day when I get to spend time with the one person in my life that I love with no distractions and no work obligations. This Valentine’s Day, I cannot simply call him my boyfriend anymore but my fiancé. So to me, this is a Valentine’s Day that will start our tradition of how we celebrate this day of love. This year we are planning to either stay the night in and cook together or we may go out to a restaurant that we have never visited before and finish the night off at the movies (which is one of our favorite places to go together). And if we go with the latter, I will be able to wear this beautiful, Valentine’s Day themed outfit from Forever 21.

Because Valentine’s Day is a cold weather holiday, I had to make sure that most of my body is kept warm. So, I decided on a long sleeve crop top and an above the knee skirt. With the white and red pieces, I matched gold accessories and shoes to make the red pop and to keep the Valentine’s Day theme together.

Though the accessories are not Forever 21 – the top, skirt, and shoes are! And the one fabulous thing about this outfit (besides the overall chic look of it) is that together, including the accessories, totals at less than $75!

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Photos by Kamile Kuntz Photography

I’m very petite, so finding a skirt that is long but doesn’t take away from my leg is very hard for me. If you’re 5’5″ and under, it’s never a good thing to take away from your leg because it makes you look shorter. I typically stay away from maxi dresses and long jumpsuits and try to keep everything no longer than mid-calf, but on certain occasions I can break the rules. A great thing about this skirt is that I don’t have to. It’s long enough to be chic and feminine, but short enough to still keep me looking taller even though I’m 5’4″.

Another great thing about this outfit is that it matches with anything that my fiancé would wear. For this photoshoot, he actually wasn’t prepared to step in for a picture so we didn’t coordinate our outfits at all. But when he stepped in front of the camera and we paired together, I must admit that we looked phenomenal together and Valentine’s Day ready.

What I’m Wearing

Textured Knit Crop Top

Box Pleat A-Line Skirt

Gold Metallic Ankle Strap Sandals

Gold Chain Necklace

Gold Drop Circle Earrings

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