Styling Vegan Leather 90s Straight Leg Pants

Vegan Leather 90s Straight Leg Pants

Vegan leather pants aka faux leather pants is a trend that has risen up and become a fashion favorite. Though people love wearing denim, sometimes it’s time to switch it up. In the past, faux leather was something that was limited to jackets that only only worn by specific people with a specific personal style. But that has changed drastically over the year, and now faux leather is not limited to jackets, but has now transitioned into vegan leather pants and vegan leather leggings.

When the trend started taking over, I will admit that I was little hesitant. I was never someone that felt comfortable wearing any type of faux leather because I always felt that it was stiff and uncomfortable to walk in. But vegan leather has changed that and now the buttery-soft feel and flexibility of the fabric has made it something that people love to wear. Which is why, in this post, I’m sharing tips on styling vegan leather pants so you can add it to your wardrobe.

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Vegan Leather Straight Leg Pants


Faux leather pants / vegan leather pants were a trend of the ’90s that transitioned somewhat into the early ’00s. You see those wearing the leather pants either having them skin tight to show off their frame, or in the case of men, baggy just like the trends of those decades. But now, as the trend has shifted, you are seeing vegan leather pants, as opposed to vegan leather leggings, in a looser, wider leg fit – just like the ’90s straight leg pants styled in this post. It’s a style of pants that you can dress up for a more professional polished look or dress down to make it a more casual everyday look. But either way, the look makes those styling the pants look fashionable and on trend. So as you consider styling this trend for whatever season you are wearing it it in, I’ve included some styling tips for wearing faux leather pants below.


    There are a lot of ’90s trends that have resurfaced and become big fashion staples that seem like they are here to stay for quite some time. With 90s straight leg pants being a style of faux leather pants, one of the things that you can do to style your vegan leather pants is to create a complete 90s look. Pair a retro large shirt or crop top complimented with a 90s style jacket and a bucket hat and bring back the trends from one of the hottest decades that has come to pass.
    Like many other style tips with many other trends, a great way to style these types of pants is to go with a monochrome look. Pair your pants with same color top and shoes and accessories and make your entire look stand out and create a bold leather focused look. Many people tend to lean towards wearing the black monochrome leather look, similar to a look from the Matrix that typically looks fabulous but that doesn’t mean other colors to create your monochrome look do not work with this style of pants.
    Vegan leather pants come in a looser, slight baggy style, so match the other pieces of your look to the baggy style. It’s easy to put this look together since many of the styles of vegan leather pants are pants that have a wide leg baggy look. Then to create a completed look for this baggy style, find an oversized shirt and jacket and create a loose casual look that is super trendy and comfortable.
    While matching that monochrome look, don’t be afraid to pair leather on leather. Faux leather is not just something that you see in pants or jackets, you can also find faux leather shirts and faux leather shoes to pair along with your look to create a look that is centered around that look of the leather and the texture of the material. If you’re going for a more sultry look with the leather on leather look, try mixing it up with faux leather leggings and a faux leather crop top and an oversized leather blazer jacket. The look will come out super sophisticates, sultry, and keep the focus on the shine of the faux leather.


One thing that you may be thinking is why should you care about this trend and why make it party of the trends that you style throughout the seasons. Well, I will start to say that this is a trend that is here to stay and it’s a style of pant that is flattering to many body types. I’ve seen this fit of pants worn by various body types, frames, and sizes and each time, I feel as if it was flattering to their look and there has not been someone that I have seen that I said that it didn’t work for them. This type of pant is one that can be style multiple ways and it allows for you to not pull too much accent to the curves of your body but also doesn’t hide them.

Another reason that is why you should try this trend is that it is an all season trend. I am big advocate for creating a year-round wardrobe so that there isn’t much transitioning that needs to be done as the weather changes. Faux leather pants are great for the Spring, Fall, and Winter as well as for the cooler days in the summer. The material isn’t super thick but thick enough to keep your warm, and, for many cases, the interior of how the pants are made are smooth and cooling so that if you do get hot, you don’t have the immediate urge to find another pair of bottoms to give your legs some air.

Vegan Leather Pants
Abercrombie Vegan Legather 90s Straight Leg Pants
Vegan Leather 90s Straight Leg Pants


Whether you’re looking specifically for ’90s Straight Leg Vegan leather pants to add to your Fall wardrobe essentials or whether you’re looking for other styles of faux leather pants or leggings, there are plenty of places that you can shop and find this type of pants to add to your closet. Some of my favorite places to show for vegan leather pants are Abercrombie, Revolve, and Amazon. Each of these places have a variety of different styles, fits, and colors that you can add to your wardrobe. Below, I’ve rounded up some top vegan leather pants that you can add to your closet that are at the right price for the luxe woman who wants to stay in her budget.

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