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If you are looking for a resort to take an all inclusive vacation in Puerto Vallarta, then you’ve come to the right place! It had been some time since I had been to an all inclusive resort when I began considering a trip to Puerto Vallarta. So when the opportunity came for me to be hosted at Velas Vallarta for an extended weekend, I thought to myself ‘Why not?’. This was the opportunity I needed for some fun in the sun and hang out with a friend.

Prior to this trip, I had visited Mexico a couple of times, with the previous time being when I stayed at an all inclusive Secrets resort in Riviera Cancun. So, you can say, that I had my expectations set high on what I wanted to experience while staying at this resort. Any time that I hear all inclusive, I am expecting to really have to want for much and for everything to be provided, and that’s exactly what I experienced with my stay at Velas Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta.

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Velas Vallarta
Velas Vallarta Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta Resort


When I first touched down in Puerto Vallarta after traveling for about 8 hours from Philadelphia (inclusive of a 1.5 hour layover), I found myself only having to get a transfer from the airport to the resort that lasted about 6 minutes. It was a quick and pleasant ride, and immediately I knew I was going to have a great time during this trip. So as you read through this review, I’m going to share my overall experience that I had during my stay at Velas Vallarta with details including the room, drinks, food, entertainment and amenities.


Velas Vallarta Resort has a variety of suite options on property to fit the accommodation that is best for you and who you are traveling with. With it being a family friendly all inclusive vacation in Puerto Vallarta, the suites vary in accommodating those traveling by themselves, those traveling with one other person, and variety of family sizes. One thing that I also found very accommodating was the fact that some of the suites also had the ability to connect to other suites in the case that you needed multiple rooms to accommodate a family with many children.

For my stay, I stayed in a Deluxe One Bedroom Suite – which was more than enough room for me and one other person, and to be honest, if I had been traveling with my husband and son, we would have still had more room than we needed. The suite was outfitted with a full kitchen that included a stove, microwave, sink and all the dishes and kitchenware needed to prepare any meals. There as also a living and dining area off of the kitchen area paired with a full bedroom that housed a super comfortable bed and a bathroom that included all the amenities that you would need. I will admit that the bed in this suite was one of the most comfortable beds I had ever stayed in while at an all inclusive resort. I had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning since it was so comfortable and I had the ability to log into my Netflix on the large flat screen smart TV that was both in the bedroom and in the living room.

My favorite part of the room had to be the terrace. If you say in a ground floor suite, the patio had loungers where you can enjoy the sun and even exit to the pool from that area. On upper floors, you have a seating and dining area on the terrace which makes it a great place to sit and relax for any room service dining or for late evenings when you just want to enjoy a nightcap before calling it a night.

Velas Vallarta Mariachi



Velas Vallarta doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of dining options, but there is just enough that you stay fed and happy and enjoying your time at this all inclusive vacation in Puerto Vallarta. On property, there are two main restaurants – Andrea and La Ribera. You’ll find both of these restaurants located on the opposite ends of the pool areas with La Ribera being right off the beach and Andrea be steps away from the shops and check-in area. Andrea is the one restaurant where, for dinner, you’ll be required to make a reservation because it is not as vast as La Ribera. This restaurant also has themed nights where you can eat various cuisine options including Italian, French, and Mexican.

La Ribera does have a changing menu as well, but it is a lot more simpler and is not predefined per each week. When dining at this restaurant, you can head right to the location, but I would advise either getting there on the earlier side or checking in with an expectation that you might have to wait a little before you can be seated. There is a salad bar and buffet options available, but there is also a menu that you can order straight from depending on your preference.

  • Velas Vallarta Breakfast
  • Velas Vallarta Breakfast On Terrace
  • Velas Vallarta Breakfast Room Service
  • Velas Vallarta Room Service Breakfast

One of the other things that you can do while at the resort is order room service 24/7. This was something that I was very happy to take advantage of during the early mornings that I woke up and wanted to enjoy breakfast and coffee while I watched the sunrise. To order room service, you just dial from your room with your order and they’ll bring it right to you and set it up where you like. You have the option to have your meal set up wherever you please in your room, but I opted for the terrace in the morning. The breakfast options were surprisingly good, so I was able to get each morning started off just right.

Then during the day, when I was by the pool or on the beach, food was just a quick order away. While lounging in the sun and enjoying the pool and beach amenities, you can order food and drinks to be brought right to your loungers by ordering through the wait staff. They’ll come to you, take your order, and bring it to you within minutes. I ordered a personal pizza that came just right, and others with me ordered their dips and sandwiches which, I heard, were super enjoyable as well.


On our first night at Velas Vallarta, we had the great privilege of enjoying a private beach dinner. A dinner like this would need to be requested and scheduled before hand with certain aspects picked out to be prepared for your meal, but once the small little work of getting it scheduled it organized, you’ll be in for a treat with a private dinner. The dinner takes places right on the beach next to La Ribera and is one of those experiences that I highly recommend having if it is within your budget. We had a great surf and turf meal for our option and, because of the day that we had it scheduled, we were able to enjoy a few songs sung by a local mariachi band sung right at our table.

Velas Vallarta All Inclusive Resort Puerto Vallarta
Sunset Dinner Puerto Vallarta
Beach Picnic Puerto Vallarta Sunset

Another private dining experience that I also recommend is a sunset picnic on the beach. On our last full night before we left from our all inclusive vacation in Puerto Vallarta, we were able to have a cute dining experience with a beach sunset picnic. Like any other private dining experience at any all inclusive resort, you have to have this scheduled and organized with the resort ahead of time so that everything can be set up and ready for you during your scheduled date and time. For this picnic, a wait staff is readily available to you for ordering drinks and further ordering any food that you may like. Many of the appetizers and/or picnic bites are presented ahead of time based on what you have arranged, but further food can be brought out to you for dinner, if you choose. For us, we opted to just do light bites and drinks for the picnic and then went to one of the restaurants for a sit down meal.

  • Velas Vallarta Beach Picnic
  • Puerto Vallarta Sunset Beach Dinner
  • Velas Vallarta Sunset Picnic
  • Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive Resort Velas Vallarta
  • All Inclusive Resort Puerto Vallarta
  • Beach Picnic Velas Vallarta


Like many all inclusive resorts, there are a variety of things to do at Velas Vallarta where you don’t feel as if you really need to leave the resort. When staying at this all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll feel as if you can get away without having to travel much for excursions, unless that is something that you want to do. With it being family friendly, there are great options for entertaining younger ones, but also great options for those who are on an adult-only trip and don’t necessarily want to be around the younger crowd.

Velas Vallarta Cabana
Velas Vallarta Beach Cabana

You’ll find that the pool and beach area is plenty spacious at Velas Vallarta. For the pools, there are multiple ones that vary in experience depending on what you are feeling like that day. The one closest to the lobby is what I would consider the more relaxed pool. It is open to all, but tends to fall more in the shade, is deeper so you’re connecting with families who are swimming with their children instead of them splashing around on their own, and I found that more people are sitting and relaxing in and around the pool in comparison to where there is more activities in the others.

The pool closest to the beach is the biggest pool and tends to be the busiest and most active. This pool contains the swim up bar, the pool volleyball net, and a good amount of in-pool loungers. You’ll also find that many of the day time water activities that are hosted by the Velas Vallarta team occur at this pool. You’ll find that this pool is where most of the families with older children hang out and most of those children are swimming around with a little more energy than what you’ll find at the other pools. So if you’re trying to stay away from any splashing at this family friendly all-inclusive, just be wary of where you plant yourself in or around this pool. There is also a kiddie pool that is right off the playground closest to where Kid’s Corner is. This pool is a great size for families with small children who just want to sit down in a shallow pool with them and let them splash around. It’s a great size for little ones who are three and under and can sit or stand in water by themselves.


If you’re not much of a pool person, there is a beach area with cabanas that you can go and enjoy. The area is a first-come-first-serve situation, so if you are looking to get yourself a spot in a cabana, you’ll either need to get there early to claim a location, or stay close to the cabanas during the day and wait for someone to leave. The cabanas along the beach have top coverings but no side covers, so plan for plenty of sun, and there is service available in the cabanas if you would like drinks while you are enjoying the sound of the splashing waves.

Like many beach areas in tropical locations, you’ll find vendors walking by selling wares and services. If you’re someone who doesn’t bode well with vendors constantly walking by attempting to sell things then you might want to avoid the beach and stay within the pool area since they are not allowed on the resort property but can roam along the beach area. Either way, the view is spectacular and the service is great.

Velas Vallarta Sunset Dinner
  • Velas Vallarta Family Friendly Resort Puerto Vallarta Mexico
  • Velas Vallarta Beach Lounge
  • Velas Vallarta Beach Dinner
  • Puerto Vallarta Resorts Velas Vallarta
  • Puerto Vallarta Mexico Velas Vallarta
  • Puerto Vallarta Family Friendly Resort Velas Vallarta
  • Family Friendly Resort Velas Vallarta

If you’re not one to spend hours on the beach or by the pool during your all inclusive vacation in Puerto Vallarta, there are also plenty of daytime activities that you can take part in. Some of these activities are hosted by the staff, but you can also just take advantage of some of the activities that you do can do on your own time such as beach volleyball and beach soccer. For the organized activities, you’ll find daily activities and events including morning yoga – that takes place around sunrise right on the pier, walking tours that take you into downtown Puerto Vallarta, painting classes, Spanish lessons, and a variety of cultural experiences.


There is also a spa on property where you can get a variety of different services including massages in the spa itself or beachside and beauty salon services. During our stay, I was able to get a prenatal massage at the spa (as I was 4 months pregnant at the time of my visit). To book your massage, you can walk in to schedule, call from your room, or get assistance with booking from the front desk. When it is time, you head right to the spa and they’ll get you checked in and take you to a relaxation room where you can decompress and relax before your service starts. The massage that I received was exactly what I needed to get rid of some of the muscle tension and discomfort that comes with pregnancy, and my friend who I was traveling with, said that her massage was just what she needed to reset and get the day started off right.


For those traveling with children, this family friendly all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta houses a kid’s club and babysitting services. Though I often travel with my son, he wasn’t on this trip, but I still went over to find out more about the club and babysitting in the case that I returned with my family and wanted to take advantage. The Kid’s Club has plenty of activities to keep the children entertained and interacting including painting and drawing, movie times, activities outdoors, and children’s shows. For the babysitting services, which are provided at an extra charge depending on how many children and hours, you can enjoy some of the adult focused activities or just get some time to yourself while the friendly and trained staff watch over your little ones.

Sunset Puerto Vallarta
Sunset In Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta Sunset

When the sun goes down and you’re not quite ready to put head to pillow, you’ll find that there are some great nightlife options that are offered at Velas Vallarta. Many of these options are adult-focused, but in some cases, you’ll find family friendly options. While staying at Velas Vallarta during your all inclusive vacation in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find there are bars that stay open for you to enjoy cocktails in the late evenings, and events / shows that take place after dark. During our time there, there was a casino night, a circus night, and karaoke that took place typically after 8/9pm. When you check in at the resort, you’ll get a schedule of the daily and nightly activities so that you can plan your day accordingly. I highly recommend heading to some instead of just hiding in your room late in the evening because there is quite a lot of fun to be had.

Puerto Vallarta Beach Clubs
  • Tau Puerto Vallarta Beach Club
  • Puerto Vallarta Beach Club
  • Beach Club In Puerto Vallarta Tau Beach Club
  • Beach Club Puerto Vallarta
  • Beach Clubs In Puerto Vallarta

For those who are looking for a little adults-only time during their all inclusive vacation in Puerto Vallarta, I recommend taking advantage of Tau Beach Club. This beach club is connected to Velas Vallarta in the way that you can purchase a day pass to visit the beach club and the team at Velas Vallarta will transfer you there when you are ready to go. For a day pass, you are looking at around $130 per person with credit to use at the property embedded into the pass. With the pass, you’ll get open access to the pool area and beach, where there are comfortable loungers around the private pool and cabanas in the beach area. We decided to get a day pass here and spend the entire day lounging by the pool. I was happy to see that it wasn’t overcrowded and that, from my experience, the beach club didn’t overbook passes which may have made it impossible to find a place to relax. While here during the day, you can enjoy drinks and bites by the pool and at the cabanas brought to you by the friendly staff and take advantage of some of the other amenities that are available.

Tau Beach Club Puerto Vallarta
Tau Beach Club In Puerto Vallarta
Tau Beach Club
Beach Clubs In Puerto Vallarta Tau Beach Club
Tau Beach Club Puerto Vallarta Beach Club

Once the sun sets, Tau Beach Club turns into a restaurant where you can come from Velas Vallarta to enjoy an immaculate dinner. We decided to opt in for a dinner at Tau Beach Club and will say that it did not disappoint. You’ll find different menu options here than you would find at La Ribera or Andrea on the Velas Vallarta property, but in any cases, all of the food offered while staying at Velas Vallarta is immaculate. For dinner, they will put away some of the loungers around the pool and place tables around the pool in order to accommodate those who have booked a reservation to dine there. There is live music played and, depending on when you are attending, entertainment that may come to your table to give you an experience like no other. At the end of our dinner, a local magician came to our table to give us a little private show that was super enjoyable.

Tau Beach Club Cabanas
Tau Beach Club Puerto Vallarta Dinner
Cabanas Puerto Vallarta Beach Clubs




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