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When it comes to taking care of this little tornado at home, we make sure that there is always something that he can interact with that will nourish his creativity and further his development. He’s a natural explorer, climber, and dare I say, daredevil, and since both mom and dad are working during the day, we want to make sure that he has toys and activities that he can interact with to keep him entertained and out of trouble – other than the dog since they just are known to get into trouble together

I am definitely a mom who finds something online that I know our little guy will love and will need it in the house the next day. And all of last year, I played the waiting game when it came to ordering online and waiting for it to be delivered. It was stressful – especially since there were so many delays. Then at the start of this year, we got a Walmart+ membership and it’s been the biggest mommy lifesaver.


Walmart Delivery

The Walmart+ membership has so many benefits, and I shared the specific details about those benefits when I talked about how the membership is my stay at home working mom hack, but I want to give you all the recap of what you’re missing out on and what you could have once you sign up.

With the membership, you get access to free shipping from with no order minimum ( excludes freight, and Marketplace items). So anytime you need to make an order, you can just go online with your membership and get whatever you need shipped as often as you like with no shipping fee. Or maybe you have a grocery order, the Walmart+ membership allows you to get free delivery right to your door from your local store. With only a $35 minimum, you can get your groceries and more delivered right to you with the same everyday low prices that you love (some restrictions apply).

You’ll also get benefits such as member prices on fuel and access to mobile scan & go for when you do shop in-store.

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There are so many things that we love about the Walmart+ membership, and to be honest, I use it so often that my husband is starting to get annoyed with the amount of things that are piling up that I keep purchasing for our little man from Walmart.

With it being so easy, I am consistently finding him new clothes, toys, activities, food, and so much more with our membership. Plus, since groceries can be delivered right to our door, there’s really no need for in-store shopping which has multiple benefits for us. One being that now my husband can’t roam around in-store and buy random snacks that we don’t need and it’s giving me time back in my day to spend playing with my little guy.

We recently had a play table and little laptop delivered to us using our Walmart+ membership and little man has been obsessed with it. Since mommy and daddy are on their computers working all day, now he can be too. As soon as I saw him becoming obsessed with slamming on our keyboard, onto, I went and it was on our doorstep the next day.

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