As I began preparing for a Halloween cocktail this season, I decided to base this cocktail off of the Halloween outfit that I am preparing to wear this season. The Witch’s Kiss is also a play off of one of my previous cocktails – Kiss of Rose. Though it does not have the same ingredients, it does have the same smoothness.


Many cocktails that I had seen on the internet used a lot of dark juices such as pomegranate juice and plum juice, and though those juices sounded like viable options and would look great because of the dark color, I didn’t want this cocktail to be completely dark. Yes, it’s a spooky Halloween cocktail that is supposed to be inspired by a witch, but not all witches have dark lips. So for this Halloween cocktail, I wanted something a little lighter in color but still maintain that mystic look.


There are a variety of elements in the Witch’s Kiss that should be brought to light. Like many of the cocktails that I make at home, the ingredients that I use are put together because of their contrasting flavors that seem to balance together perfectly.


Ingredients – 2 1/2 oz of silver tequila – 1 oz of Chambord – 1 can of San Pellegrino Orange & Pomegranate Sparkling Soda – 2 dashes orange bitters – 1/2 oz of lime juice – 1 tablespoon of brown sugar – 1 sugar cube – ginger beer – dried mint leaves


INSTRUCTIONS 1. In a shaker with ice, combine tequila, Chambord, lime juice, orange bitters, sugar cube, and brown sugar. Shake to combine. 2. Add in sparkling soda and stir. 3. Strain into glass over fresh ice. 4. Top with ginger beer. 5. Burn dried mint leaves slightly & garnish.

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