Cocktails for the



The Cranberry Moscato cocktail is an ideal cocktail for those looking to host small holiday gatherings, or if you’re having a bigger gathering and want a drink to serve during your “cocktail hour” this drink is a great one as well. Even more, it’s a great cocktail to also serve during New Year’s Eve.

to toast


This S’mores White Russian is just the right amount of creamy and just the right amount of sweet. And the roasted marshmallow is just like having the cherry on top of a wonderful Sunday. My tip on serving this drink would be to serve it at a late-night holiday or Winter gathering as a dessert cocktail. You’ll make these by the glass, and be prepared to keep making them over it over again because this cocktail is sure to be a hit.

get cozy


This cocktail has become one of my husband’s favorite cold-weather cocktails. So much that he even has it as a dessert cocktail when we are at home nowhere near a campfire. The drink has a little kick to it, but it’s a friendly kick that you’re bound to enjoy.

hot spice